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Brother's gonna work it out

Dana's office. Casey is telling her not to go off the deep end, because that's what she usually does. Dana denies she does that, but says Kyle's her brother so she can go off the deep end if she wants. She hands Casey some folder, and he opens it and looks inside and then makes his patented eyes-widening-and-rolling face, like what was the point of that folder? Then Casey says she has every right to be upset, and she sarcastically thanks him for granting her that permission. "You see how you're snapping at me?" he says. "Yes." "And I'm not your little brother and I didn't just get busted?" "Yes." He says that's what he means by going off the deep end. She says "okay" and calms down a little. Then Dana says she's getting ready for the show and that's what Casey should be doing. "That's what I mean by 'mind your own business,'" says Dana. Then she recaps the last episode about how her brother got busted for steroids, and how her own show broke and will continue to cover the story: "I think, under the circumstances, I'm keeping it pretty well together." Casey says he's concerned about the eruption that will occur when Kyle shows up tomorrow night, "to say nothing of the staff." "What about the staff?" says Dana, as they get set to go. Casey says they've noticed that she's a little edgy, and I've watched this show enough to know that "edgy" will be the word of the day repeated about 800 times before the first commercial break. "Tell the staff they're going to notice my boot in their ass if they don't give me some room and shut the hell up." Heh. As they pass Casey's office, Natalie comes out and grabs Casey while Dana continues to stride through the newsroom, picking fights with people. Although this technically isn't a scene change, I should start a new paragraph.

Natalie gives Casey some papers and says, "I'm your secret Santa," like nice gift, Natalie -- papers. Oh, wait, that's not what she meant. Casey says, "It's not much of a secret now, is it?" They're walking through the newsroom. Natalie says he has to tell her what he wants by tomorrow, and if it's less than $50 and she can get it within two blocks of the building, it's all his. $50? I wish Natalie were my secret Santa. Last year I got a tiny book of quirky Canadian sayings, although I admit it was kind of a cool read. But it could easily have been tied to a bottle of Tanqueray for much less than $50. ["All right, ALL RIGHT. I'm SORRY. I'll get you a liter of gin this year, okay? Ingrate." -- Sars] Casey makes some comment about Natalie's Christmas spirit, and then he does his widening-eyes thing again.

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