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In the control room, Natalie is drilling Dana about her being edgy, and I have to say that if she wasn't edgy before, there's no way she could possibly hold up under Natalie's yammering. Natalie pretends to have spit in one of the coffee cups just so Dana can spray the swig she just took, and Natalie offers this as proof that Dana's edgy. Uh, not wanting to drink someone's spit, that's edgy? Dana should have sprayed her coffee all over Natalie. The show goes live. Commercials.

Natalie walks into Dan's office and says, "I was wondering if you had a chance to look at it." Dan, barely looking up, says "yes." "And?" says Natalie expectantly. "It's good," says Dan. "You don't know what I'm talking about, do you," says Natalie flatly. Dan admits it. Seems Natalie left Dan an audition tape that he was supposed to evaluate for her. Dan feigns remembering and says, "Yes, Natalie, it's very good," fooling on one, as Natalie forces him to admit he hasn't watched it yet. Natalie gets pissed. "When have I not been there for you?" she whines, while Dan apologizes profusely. Casey walks in and says, "What's going on?" "Dan's a loser," Natalie says. Casey seems not in the least surprised. As she leaves, Natalie asks Casey if he knows what he wants yet. "Yeah, I've been vacillating between --" and Natalie, perhaps bugged by Casey using a word like "vacillating," says, "Have it by sundown or you're getting socks," and walks out. "Sundown"? When did Natalie become an old-time sheriff?

"She's my secret Santa," says Casey. Dan, obviously not caring, says, "Yeah?" "It's like something out of a fairy tale dream," says Casey, which was pretty funny. Dan got Jeremy, and he seems really bummed about it. Casey got Isaac. Dan politely asks what he's planning to get Isaac, but when Casey says, "See, here's my problem," Dan cuts him off with, "Know before you wade hip-deep into this that I don't really care what your problem is." Nice! I was expecting one more eyes-widening thing from Casey, but he just kind of frowns and says he's going to talk to Isaac. Dan thanks him for stopping by.

Isaac has his back to the door and doesn't turn around when Casey barges in, not even when Casey rudely puts his feet up on Isaac's desk. The only people allowed to do that on my desk are me and anyone invited to do so by me. "I'm your secret Santa," says Casey, and Isaac repeats Casey's earlier line about how it's not much of a secret anymore. Casey says he's going to get Isaac a gift he likes this year. Isaac says he always likes what Casey gives him, but Casey doesn't believe it: "Then how come you never wear anything?" Isaac points out that Casey gave him a blender last year. And Casey has to start bragging about what a good blender it was, with its twelve speeds, although I admit that when I recently bought a blender I went with the eight-speed model over the seven-speed model because presumably my life would be miserable if I didn't have that extra speed between frappe and liquefy or whatever that eighth speed is, although I suspect on my model they count "off" as a speed. "I'm not wearing the damn blender, Casey," says Isaac, still trying to work. Casey doesn't think Isaac's using the blender. "If you were using it, you'd come in and say, 'Hey, we used the blender this weekend, we...barbecued.'" First of all, it has been a year and I can't for the life of me even remember what I gave my secret Santa person last year, so if my working relationship with this person were so shallow that a year later the secret Santa gift was all we could talk about, that would be pretty sad. Second of all -- what? "Barbecued"? Isaac says, essentially, "What? Barbecued?" But he admits that he doesn't blend that much. Casey asks him what he wants. And just like my parents who always say on birthdays, Christmas, and Mothers and Fathers Day, "Oh, I don't want anything," Isaac tells Casey whatever he gets him will be fine, but he seems to be a little annoyed with Casey haranguing him. Finally, Isaac comes up with "cheese grater," which surprises Casey, but Isaac says he loves to "grate cheese." Witness Casey having to write that down, like how much of a boob is Casey? Then we get a five-minute clip of Casey walking out of Isaac's office.

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