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Natalie walks into Dan's office, and he says he's looked at the tape. "For real?" "Quiz me," he says. She quizzes him about stories and what she was wearing ("Red flannel Viatelli suit with pearl stud earrings," he says. Dan! You fashion victim!). "I liked it, I was really impressed," says Dan. Natalie is over the moon: "That really means a lot to me, Danny!" She gets him to say he'll talk to Dana about putting her in the pool for substitute anchors, and by now he's looking a little uncomfortable, but Natalie doesn't notice. She scurries off, but not before kissing Danny on the cheek and saying, "I love you, Danny! You're the best!" in a total shout-out to me. Casey, walking in, says, "Hang on, I thought I was the best." "Things change," says Natalie, and leaves.

Casey says to Dan, "Let me tell you about my cheese grater experience." Man, just how detached from reality is Casey anyway, thinking anyone would care about this? I mean, if any of my friends ever uttered the phrase, "Let me tell you about my cheese grater experience," I would probably start to cry at the patheticness of my friends. Thankfully, Dan isn't having it ("Anything that would summon energy for me to speak is going to be more important than your cheese grater experience," he says), and he tells Casey that while Natalie's tape is fine, it's not great, and he told her it was great. "You're such a nimrod," says Casey. Ay caramba, who says "nimrod" anymore? Casey asks him what he's going to do, and Dan says, "I don't know," and it was kind of lost in the shuffle as they get up and leave in this weird half-assed looks-like-they-forgot-to-end-the-scene scene ending.

In the meeting room, Athlete of the Century discussions are still going on. Jeremy, growing exponentially more annoying by the second, suggests Secretariat, which I won't even dignify here, even though his lengthy justification runs on for about five hours. After Secretariat gets dismissed, Jeremy suggests they broaden the scope. Instead of picking an Athlete of the Century, they should pick Athlete of the Millennium, like there's that word "millennium" again, and don't get me started, just read "Kafelnikov" for my thoughts on that subject. When Jeremy says "millennium," his voice even does this pseudo-echo-chamber kind of effect, kind of like when the announcer on television commercials gravely intones that a man is suffering from "dia-REEE-ahh." Dana says, "You're suggesting we go back to the court of Ferdinand and Isabella..." "Sure!" says Jeremy. As annoying as this is, it's admittedly pure Jeremy, who actually says, "Genghis Khan could bring it." On that note, the meeting is adjourned.

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