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At the meeting, Jeremy is expounding the virtues of a fighter named "Melan Comos," who fought in the year 49 A.D. and was 53 and 0, but he never threw a punch and was never hit; they think he talked his opponents into surrendering. Dana says he fought too long ago to be the Athlete of the Millennium, but Jeremy says he was man enough to span two millennia. Dana says, "I say we go with Muhammad Ali and be done with it," and everybody votes with her. Would it have killed them to even mention Wayne Gretzky? While hockey is admittedly not the world's most popular sport, I think we can all agree that it is easily the greatest sport ever invented, and Gretzky was the greatest player. Ah, forget it. Elliot gets off the phone and tells Dana that her brother is in her office. She says she'll be back in a minute and leaves.

Casey sidles over to Natalie and suggests that she could make a tape of his favourite songs, something he could play in the car. That would be "fun" for her, he says, asking people what songs he likes, et cetera. Natalie looks at him for a few moments and then reaches into the bag beside her and slaps down socks in front of him and says "here." Casey says, "Socks, excellent!" and half-heartedly shows them off to the room.

Cut to a pensive man in Dana's office; he looks vaguely like a football player. Behind him, Dana enters the room. She says "hey." Silence. He appears to compose himself for a second, then takes a step toward her and says, "Dana, I..." and she tells him to shut up. "I'm so mad at you I could cry. Mom and Dad are totally freaked." He starts to say he's sorry and she rips into him for all the hours and years of "the weight rooms, the practices, the two-a-days." He says, "Don't tell me how hard it is to play pro ball, Dana, I play pro ball." She wants to know who turned him onto the stuff. He says it's not important. Angrily, she says, "What the hell kind of judge are you of what's important?" Good point, and he has no answer. She starts really screeching: "I have stood and cheered for you since you were ten years old, from the second you picked up a football!" She's close to tears as she tells him how she was strutting around the office last week because he got two sacks. He sits down on the edge of her desk, and she screams about how her show has had to report this idiot story for four days straight, but she breaks off as she sees how ashamed he looks. "You look tired," she says softly. "I'm a little tired, yeah," he says, his voice a little shaky. She sits down next to him. "You got a lot of people mad at you," she says, listing them as he confirms it. "Your teammates? The fans?" When she says "Mom and Dad?" he looks at her, pauses, and says "yeah" and she nods. I really liked that; it was a nice depiction of a bond shared only by siblings, made even more poignant by these two adults -- one a hulking pro football player -- still fearful of the wrath of their parents, forever children to their mom and dad. Dana says, "I'm not through being your big sister yet. And it seems to me that these are the moments big sisters get paid for, so...what do you say I be the one person in your life that isn't pissed at you right now?" Kyle doesn't say anything, just looks at his big sister, looking very much like the eight-year-old who's scared of the trouble he's in. She touches his cheek and tells him it's going to be okay, that he'll face the music and work hard in the off-season. "And you'll be back, only this time not quite so stupid." He smiles. "Meantime," she says, as they hug, "I'm your sister. And I'm here for whatever you need." This scene, for me, ranks right up there with Dan and Casey's reconciliation in "April is the Cruelest Month." Dana tells Kyle to come say hi to everyone. He doesn't want to; he says he can't face Casey and Dan. "They want to see you," she says. Yeah, we all know how hard hero-worshipping Casey would be on the guy.

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