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Brother's gonna work it out

Back at the desk, Dan is going on about midnight mass. "They sing, they dance, they pray, they tell stories," he says. Jeremy and Natalie break it to him that they don't dance. Dana brings Kyle up to the desk and heads into the control room. Casey asks him how he's holding up. Kyle says he feels like an idiot. "Welcome to my world," says Dan. Yeah, Dan. It's all about you. Casey wants to know if Kyle has a good lawyer. Casey recommends the guy who handled his ex-wife in the divorce, because Casey washes the guy's car every Sunday. How much would I love to see Lenny Briscoe bust in and crack Casey's head for stealing his shtick? "Dana's a good girl," says Kyle, and Casey agrees. Kyle heads into the control room.

The show is about to go live, and as he comes in, Kyle gets smiles and supportive touches from the TCs. He walks over and stands behind Dana, puts his hand on her shoulder and says "thanks." She beckons him closer and he leans in; she kisses him on the cheek and says "merry Christmas" and holds his hands as the show goes live. Dan intros and says, "Those stories, plus the Sonics are super and the Ducks are mighty." Yeah, it'll be at least two years before Natalie comes up with writing that brilliant. Then he rips off "Twas the Night Before Christmas," because this is the holiday edition of Sports Night. We're out.

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