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What's in a name?
We fade in on Dan and Casey walking through the newsroom and getting ready for tonight's show. Casey's talking about some hockey feature and Dan says, "Jerome will be happy." But Casey doesn't know who Jerome is, and neither do we. Danny tells Casey that Jerome is the guy who operates camera two. But, astonishingly, this still doesn't register with Casey. I was thinking Dan was going to have to pull out a picture of a television camera while grunting. But he physically drags Casey onto the set to show him camera two (and Jerome, maybe, but we never see this mythical cameraman). "And he likes hockey!" says Casey, finally clueing in. Great. This poor guy's one defining characteristic is that He's The Guy Who Likes Hockey, probably the one guy at this rinky-dink sports show who does.

In the control room, Dana is making some last-minute changes to the rundown. As Jeremy comes in, Dana asks him what's happening in Chattanooga. He seems a little confused, but it does sound like the set-up for a joke or something. Maybe because Chattanooga has one of those odd names and it's hard to remember they're actual places where people live because the name makes people laugh. Like Walla Walla. Or Tuktoyaktuk. Or, let's face it, Moose Jaw. But Jeremy doesn't know anything about what's going on in Chattanooga. At the desk, Danny is saying that Casey should make it a New Year's resolution to learn the names of people "on the team" better. Casey says he agrees, but if you ask me, he doesn't sound overly sincere, because he's all "I'm saying I know the guy's name now." Dan looks a little concerned.

In the control room, Natalie is just getting off the phone with "Brian in Chattanooga." This pleases Dana, who wants to know what's going on, and she instructs Casey that they've got news from Chattanooga for the tease. Then Natalie says, "He doesn't know anything." Hyuk. But at least Dana provides the bare outline, saying there was an incident at "Tennessee Western" involving some black students and a Confederate flag. "What happened?" asks Casey. Dana admits that they don't know.

The show goes live. Casey teases upcoming hockey features, and Dan teases "the sheer pointlessness of a 0-0 tie" in soccer. I -- oh, forget it. What's the use? Isaac comes into the control room wanting to know what's going on in Chattanooga. Dana says they don't know anything, surprising Isaac, who points out that this is a news-gathering organization. "What's the problem?" he asks. "We're not very good," says Dana. What once might have passed for mocking self-deprecation can only here be seen as quiet acknowledgement of a brutal truth. Commercials.

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