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Back from commercials, Kelly Kirkpatrick in Green Bay throws back to Dan and Casey. Dan thanks her, then says, "You look cold. Put some clothes on." I hope that wasn't a nipple reference. Then the boys talk about how it's time for the annual Play of the Year selection. Danny says their "crack staff" has been debating it (and I think that should be "crackhead staff"), but Sports Night wants to hear what the viewers think. Show's over. Kim strides by. I look at her and wonder what the big fuss is over Sally Sasser. As they leave the set, Danny asks Casey what he plans on cooking tomorrow morning. Casey says it's not a cooking show, it's a news show. "Are you sure?" says Dan. Casey's sure. We find out that Casey's going to be on The View. A news show? Really? I've never watched it, but I was under the impression that it's a talk show. Doesn't the presence of Barbara Walters automatically disqualify it as having any sort of news value? Dan wants to know who the other guest is, but Casey is reluctant to say. Dan keeps pressing. "It's Wolfgang Puck! You want a piece of me?" yells Casey. Danny backs down. Casey says it wouldn't kill Danny to do a little press, but Danny reminds Casey that he's under a gag order for six months (after he said there was nothing he likes better than sparkin' up a big fat blunt. Or something. I'm fuzzy on the details; check the recap for "The Apology"). "You want me to talk to somebody?" says Casey. Dan says, "No, I want to dance with somebody. With. Somebody. Who loves meeee..." And I think when my mind is off at play in the fields of Whitney Houston, it's time to up my meds. Actually, Danny breaks down and starts begging Casey to talk to someone so he can give interviews, and Casey says he will. Dana pops her head in the office to tell Casey to knock 'em dead on the cooking show tomorrow. Casey says "thanks" and Dan giggles.

Next, we are on The View, which features, as far as I know, the actual women from that show, who are fawning all over Casey. Yeah, looks like hard news. Casey gives a shout-out to his partner, Dan Rydell, "who couldn't be here this morning." "Hope he has a good excuse!" says one woman. "Yes," says Casey, "he likes to sleep late." Everybody laughs way out of proportion to the actual funniness of that line. Then the woman says she understands that Dan and Casey write together. Casey says "yes." The woman beside him, the one who is played by Tracey Morgan on the Saturday Night Live parody and apparently is always saying, "Now, I am a lawyer," says, "Now, how does that work?" Casey gives another line about how he takes the nouns and verbs and Dan takes the adjectives and prepositions. Again everybody busts up laughing. Then this blonde woman says they can't let him go without asking him about his ties. She's really flirting. Okay, someone help me out. Is The View really supposed to be a news show? ["God, no. It's like Estrogen & Kathie Lee." -- Sars] The Tracey Morgan woman says something about his "famous" neckties. How sad is this interview? Tracey Morgan says that a man who knows how to dress himself is very sexy. Casey says, "Which is why so many of us [something] Carrot Top," and I couldn't make it out, but what kind of tired name to drop is Carrot Top? Wait, when was Carrot Top ever actually cool? Then Tracey Morgan plugs Sports Night, and I guess it must have been sweeps when this episode aired to earn a powerhouse crossover like this.

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