Sports Night
The Six Southern Gentlemen Of Tennessee

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What's in a name?

Rundown meeting. Dana wants to know what they've found out about a Chattanooga. Jeremy, who apparently the only one who actually does any work around here, says that Roland Shepherd is a tailback from Tipelow, a small town in western Tennessee. He gives Shepherd's stats; he's a really good tailback. Not only that, he's also carrying a 3.3 GPA with a major in chemical engineering, "and the engineering department at Tennessee Western is for real," says Jeremy. The problem is that he's threatened with expulsion; the school flies the Confederate flag outside the stadium, and Shepherd refuses to play. Jeremy says there will be a press conference later where it will be announced Shepherd is suspended from the team, meaning that his scholarship will be revoked, "as a result of which Roland will go back and pump gas in Tipelow, Tennessee." Dana assigns Dan the press conference and reminds everyone that she needs to hear some plays of the year ideas by the end of the day. Meeting adjourned, and Isaac tells Danny he needs to talk to him. That's good, responds Danny, saying he also needs to talk to Isaac. "Who should go first?" asks Danny. "Since I really don't care what you have to say, I think it should be me," says Isaac. Danny smiles and says, "Fair enough." Isaac says Sachs has a couple of buildings named after him. "Yeah, he's a hell of a guy," says Dan, not sounding overly sincere. "He's a Southerner," says Isaac. "Faulkner was a Southerner," says Danny, but Isaac says, "Faulkner was a Southern gentleman." "There's a difference?" says Dan. "The difference, Danny, is all the difference." They arrive in Isaac's office. Isaac says that Luther wants a piece on the Southern tradition in arts, culture, and sports. "All symbolized by the Confederate flag," says Dan, understanding. Isaac says, "There are days, Danny, when I'm too tired to fight that man." Danny says that when that happens, Isaac should let them know so they can fight for him. "You've got to stop thinking of me as the champion of all things black," says Isaac. Danny says nothing. Commercials.

Later, Casey can't get enough of himself and is actually watching a tape of his appearance on The View, a pretty little picture of narcissism in action. We see again the part where Tracey Morgan tells him a man who can dress himself is a sexy thing. Pay attention, because that's important. Oh, and I hear that what he said was, "That's why so many of us are drawn to Carrot Top," which I don't think even actually makes sense. Then a young blonde woman is at the door, saying, "Excuse me, Mr. McCall?" She says she wants to ask him a question, but if it's a bad time she can come back. "What's your question?" he says. She hesitates, then says, "What's my name?" Casey, of course, can't answer. He says he's not very good with names. "Who was the number-two man on the Red Sox staff in 1977?" she says. "It was Ferguson Jenkins," says Casey quietly. Well, come on, that was an easy one. Everybody knows that. She says, "My name is Monica. I live on the second floor. I live upstairs from you." Okay, I've got to stop this! At least I've moved from Whitney Houston to Suzanne Vega. What she really says is, "I'm the assistant wardrobe supervisor for Sports Night as well as two other shows here at CSC. I think you hurt the feelings of the woman I work for." You can just see Casey about to say, "Look, I lost her number." Monica goes on, "Her name is Maureen and she's been working here since the day you started." Casey tries to pretend he knows who Maureen is. Then she holds up a tie and asks what colour it is. He says it's grey, but can barely look at it. "It's called gunmetal. Grey has more ivory in it, gunmetal has more blue." Uh oh. Can't. Stop. Eyes. From. Rolling.

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Sports Night




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