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Dan walks into Isaac's office while Isaac is watching a tape of the Roland Shepherd press conference. Roland speaks of how he's the first in his family to go to college, but they'd be ashamed of him playing under the Confederate flag. "What do you think'll happen to him?" asks Dan. Isaac doesn't answer, just says all he's done all day is watch the press conference over and over. Dan says he'll get picked up by another team. Isaac says six of Roland's teammates have also stepped down, two of them white, none of them starters. "They're the ones that'll have some trouble," says Isaac. Dan came in to tell Isaac he did a piece that takes the position that the flag symbolizes a long tradition of great art, culture, and statesmen. "That's crap," growls Isaac. Dan says everyone's surprised that Isaac's not doing a commentary on this himself. Isaac closes the door and reluctantly reveals that Luther has been looking for an excuse to fire Isaac for about six months. "Are you sure?" says Dan. Isaac says no. He says he used to pick fights with management all the time. He never worried about getting fired, because there was always someone willing to hire him. "Luther can hire someone half my age to do my job. I like my life right now," he says. Dan isn't having it. He reminds Isaac of the six players standing by Roland Shepherd. "You don't think if Luther ever showed you the door, there wouldn't be about a hundred people lined up behind you?" He tells Isaac that something real bad is going on in Chattanooga, by the pricking of his thumbs, and Luther can stop it, and he encourages Isaac to do an on-air editorial. "Not this time," says Isaac. Dan looks disappointed. Isaac tells him to say anything about their conversation to anyone else. Dan says "sure" and leaves.

In the control room, Jeremy suggests the Yankees winning the World Series. I'd really like to comment on that, but, well, listen. You can't repeat this to anyone, but Sars has been looking for a reason to fire me for about six months now. I'm not positive, but there it is. So all I'll say is that the Yankees have a proud tradition, all symbolized by their pinstriped uniforms. ["All right, you can stay, but your desk is going out in the hall. AGAIN." -- Sars] Dana says they forgot Jordan and the Bulls winning the NBA championship. "Yeah, there's something that doesn't happen a lot," says Jeremy, like, what -- winning three championships in a row? Insert Sars rah-rah-ing about the Yankees here. ["Nobody makes you root for the Expos, sucker." -- Sars] Anyway, the back row asks Will, Chris, and Dave for suggestions, and the TCs are all amazed that they're being asked their opinions. Also, it's interesting that, for the purposes of this episode, Kim has been promoted from the ranks of the TCs into the Inner Circle. Here are their suggestions: Dave, Mark O'Meara winning two majors. Big deal, says Tiger Woods. Chris, Cal Ripken ending the streak. Okay, I love Cal Ripken Jr. as much as anyone, but it'll be a long time before the Play of the Year is someone sitting out a game. Will, Peyton Manning. Shut up, Will. Dana calls their suggestions a colossal waste of time, which was pretty funny. The TCs return to their usual leper status.

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Sports Night




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