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In the next scene, the crew is wondering how Casey’s pree-sentation went, even though none of them was any help at all earlier. They make inane small talk. Casey walks in, very pleased with himself. He reveals he didn’t do the bread thing: "I did what I do, Dan, I did what I do." Who knew Casey was so Zen? Dan says, "You screwed up your romantic life in front of fifth graders?" Ha ha! Dan is now forgiven for this "I’m Daniel" business. Casey makes a nice speech about showing up early for recess and watching the kids play dodgeball and stuff and having an epiphany. Dan says, "You called the highlights." "I called the highlights," says Casey. He did interviews and injury reports and had a girl do a demonstration of jacks. I didn’t know Game Boy had a jacks game now. Dana comes in and tells everybody the Jordan interview is not going to happen, but doesn’t bother to explain why. Dan guesses that there were too many strings. He asks if it was tough on Isaac; Dana says it was. Dan asks if Sam was pissed, and Dana says Sam was on her side on this one but that he still drives her crazy. Then she leaves. Dan and Casey start doing the highlights of the past few episodes, because Casey says some things are starting to come into focus, specifically him breaking up with Dana, whom he never went out with, Dana breaking up with Gordon because Sally slept with Casey, Sam driving Dana "too" crazy, and Dan saying Sally looked good today. Casey says, "I have some concerns." Dan says, "Well, it wouldn’t be a day unless you had some concerns. Let’s go write our show."

Next week on Sports Night: It looks like Sam and Diane OOPS I mean Sam and Dana might get together. It looks like Casey might have some concerns. Next week in the Sports Night recap: Daniel asks Sars if he can slam his head in a car door for half an hour and write a recap about that since it would be less painful than watching another twist in the Casey-Dana Love Saga. ["Permission granted." -- Sars]

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