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The Sweet Smell Of Air

Back in the Boys’ office, Casey is getting his coat on and saying "here I go" for all the viewers who don’t grasp the subtle connotations of a character getting up and going over to the coat rack and putting on his coat. Dan asks him what he’s got for the class. Casey launches into a whole lot of blah-blah about a whole lot of supposedly interesting things, but Dan isn’t buying it and browbeats Casey into revealing a loaf of crusty bread wrapped in a dishtowel. Casey says a loaf of Wonderbread would have been ridiculous, that the kids would have seen right through that. Oh, but this bread is unsliced, so it’ll undoubtedly fool this class of apparently brain-dead ten-year-olds. I dare you to try it, you rectangular pinhead. Dan is trying not to laugh and says, "You’ll be fine." Casey says, "I am killing my child." Well, at least you won’t have to make any more pree-sentations. As Casey’s leaving, Dan says, "You know who looks good today? Sally." Casey, not picking up on that, says, "See you later," and walks halfway out of the building before stopping and coming back to the office. "What did you say?" Danny looks up from his work with a surprised look on his face. Casey starts giving him the business, "Why did you say that?" and "you don’t like Sally," and Dan says, "Because she does," and "I kinda do." Casey says he can’t because "my life is very confusing right now, so’s yours, and you can’t like Sally." On the one hand, it’s kind of rotten for Dan to even consider thinking along those lines, but on the other, Casey should act older than his alleged ten-year-old son. They back-and-forth a little bit, Casey a little flustered, Dan trying to play down what he said. Dan should tell Casey he only brought up Sally to prepare the audience for a later scene with her, since this is what Sports Night does in lieu of "previously on Sports Night" scenes at the top of the show to bring viewers up to speed. Casey says he has to go fake bread now and Dan says it’s all about misdirection. Whatever. End this scene now.

Next we get this pan up from the back of a laptop and Sam’s head then fills the television screen. He looks grumpy. There’s a knock. "Yes!" he barks. Aaaaaah! Avert your eyes! I know I don’t get all into the clothes that characters wear like a lot of recaps on Mighty Big TV, but I can’t avoid this dress because it pretty much burned out my corneas. It’s sort of orangey-red with leopard-like spots all over it and it contains Sally Sasser, who is bringing her breasts to meet Sam. My guess is she wasn’t wearing this dress when Dan thought she looked good. Come to think of it, she would look pretty good without that dress on. Sally shakes Sam’s hand and introduces herself as "executive producer of West Coast Update" -- in other words, the 2 AM wrapup watched by unemployed losers from coast to coast. She sucks up to Sam by saying, "You’ve been doing an impressive job here, ratings are up two-tenths."

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Sports Night




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