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And now, having insulted Rebecca's education and occupation, Dan figures now would be a good time to ask her to watch the Rojas game with him later. He plans to tape it and watch it after the show. Rebecca turns him down, because Dan likes her right now and he loves sports, but if she and sports were in the same room together, he might not be as keen about her anymore. I have to say she's wrong at the score. I know what I said up above about the stereotype of women who hate sports, but conversely, a lack of sports knowledge never diminishes a woman in a man's eyes; on the contrary, it gives him an area in which he can feel superior, an area where he can feel like a woman needs his help, because, let's face it, in what other aspect of life can a man feel like a woman truly needs him? Other than for killing spiders? Dan, feeling cocky, asks Rebecca what makes her so sure he does like her right now, and Rebecca points out his penchant for stalking her. He says she's making too much of that. Is anybody really interested in yet another "Dan wins over Rebecca" scene? I know I'm not, especially after Dan smugly points out that he went to Dartmouth and then talks about breaking down Rebecca's Wall of Pain, with its bricks of pain and tears for mortar, and maybe instead of his Dartmouth psychology classes he starts bragging about, he should have enrolled in a metaphor class or two, because he stumbles over the third material used to build brick walls with, and Rebecca says it's just bricks and mortar. Dan isn't sure. Look, even I'm able to come up with a trowel of cynicism, and I didn't even go to Dartmouth. As Rebecca gets on the elevator, Dan is still going on about tearing down Rebecca's wall of pain. "For I am Dan, doer of good deeds where women are concerned." This shit works no better for him here than it did in Dead Poets Society. The two other women on the elevator just stare. Dan struggles to maintain his dignity with a "how y'all doin'," and the doors close as Rebecca explains to the other women that they're just friends.

Jeremy Goodwin, in the newsroom, on the phone, ordering up some nautical charts. He's interrupted by a squealing Natalie, who's excited that Jeremy's back. So excited, in fact, that she can't wait until he gets off the damn phone before she starts asking if he got the card she sent and the box of Good 'N' Plenty. When he gets off the phone, he thanks her and apologizes for not calling last night. "Or the night before," she reminds him. It would be a good idea if someone reminded Natalie that Jeremy's parents are getting a divorce, so this really might not be about her. She says she's such a good girlfriend that she's not going to ask why he didn't call. This is, of course, followed by her asking why he didn't call. He tells her it was just one of those things. She presses him until he shuts her up with a pointed "Natalie" or two. The phone rings, and he picks it up and starts talking about nautical charts that he needs because he wants to figure out what happened, while all Natalie can do is point out she bought him the big box of Good 'N' Plenty.

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Sports Night




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