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Down in Rebecca's office, Dan is sitting on her desk and showing some of her co-workers the grip for a two-seam fastball. He tells some extra named Celia not to throw it until her arm is good and warmed up, which was pretty funny. Rebecca comes in and freaks out because "this is so totally [her] office!" Dan tries to soften her up by suggesting that someone show her the grip, but she is getting more irritated by the second. Dan scoots everybody out of her office and proceeds to annoy her some more as she tries to get back to work. "You really won't watch the baseball game with me tonight?" he says. She says that's right, and he says "really?" and she assures him of it. He looks kind of bummed, and I'd feel sorry for the guy but Rebecca has told him this about fifty thousand times already. Dan says he's not discouraged, and she says "good," and he says "I am Dan" and slouches out of there. Obligatory shot of Rebecca wondering if she's being too hard on him, even though Dan right now is not far removed from a dog humping your leg.

In the editing room, Jeremy is outlining for Casey the Orion references in Paradise Lost, because what sports fans really want are more parallels drawn from Milton. Natalie comes in and asks Casey if he got his "five minutes to air" call. He says "no" and she gives him his "five minutes to air" call, which she could have just done in the first place. Casey looks at his watch and points out there's still ten minutes to air, so she tells him she needs to talk to Jeremy, which SHE COULD HAVE JUST DONE IN THE FIRST PLACE, I mean, it's not like their relationship is a secret or anything. Casey leaves, but actually pauses to brag about how he's leaving without incident, like, Casey can massage his own ego using the littlest and stupidest reasons you can imagine. After he leaves, Natalie sits down without saying anything. Jeremy tells her he's found a lot of good stuff on Orion, both the god and the constellation. He starts describing the constellation to her, looking really sad; Natalie just watches him. "Most people only see the belt, which is formed of Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta, three second-magnitude stars that are spaced equally in a straight line. Beneath the belt is a line of fainter stars, and of these stars, Theta isn't really a star at all; it's actually the brightest part of the Orion nebula." He pauses. "So this great pink star in the Sword of Orion turns out to be something far more complicated and interesting." Natalie sits and waits. Jeremy swivels her chair toward her and says, "My father has been having an affair with a woman for 27 years." Natalie asks if he knows her. Jeremy says no. "How did your mom find out?" asks Natalie. "He told her," says Jeremy. Natalie seems unsure what to say. Jeremy says he doesn't know if he can get the feature done for tomorrow. Natalie smiles and says it's okay. "It's worth it, I think, to figure out how this boat that was supposed to win met with such disaster," says Jeremy. He pauses again. "I'd like to look at a chart," he says. "It's okay," says Natalie reassuringly. "I'm sorry I didn't call," he says. "Don't think about that now," she says. Yeah, no kidding. I sure hope this makes it okay that he wasn't overjoyed by the big box of Good 'N' Plenty. You know, this metaphor was pretty heavy-handed, and normally I'd be asking Sars to format a special 72-point bold font blinking "WE GET IT" over and over again, but Joshua Malina pulled it off. In the hands of a lot of actors, this would have been so much cheese. James Van Der Beek, I'm looking in your direction.

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