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Dressing room. Dan's getting his hair brushed while Casey jabbers away on a to-be-revealed-eventually topic. "There's the formality," he says. Dan says "yes" as the hair-brusher tells him to please stop moving. Dan sits ramrod straight as Casey says, "Strange formality." "Why are you worried about it?" asks Dan. "'Cause I'm his father," says Casey. "You know what he's started doing? He's started shaking hands with me. He's nine. You'll see it when he comes by tomorrow, he'll be like, 'Hi, Dad.'" Casey holds his hand out for anybody who doesn't know what he meant by "shaking hands." "Leave him alone" is Dan's advice, as he starts playing with his severely sculpted hair. We hear Natalie give the "five minutes to air" signal and summon the first team to the studio.

Casey gets up and circles around Dan, settling his butt on the hairdresser's counter. "On the other hand, he's starting to play baseball well," he says. "Yeah," says Dan, still fussing with his hair. "Did I mention yesterday's game?" asks Casey. "Yes, you did," says Dan, as the hairdresser returns. "In fact, I believe I know the stats." Despite Dan saying he's familiar with the story, Casey gives Dan the box score: "Three for three with two RBIs, two walks, and a stolen base." "Yes," says Dan, with apparently not enough enthusiasm for Casey, who says, "What, you don't think that's impressive?" like, RELAX, Casey, we're sure your kid's the next A-Rod. Dan calls it very impressive, and Casey says, "You bet your butt that's impressive," and Dan has to agree again. "Started off slow, but turns out he's got some game." "He does!" says Dan brightly. He's then dismissed from the hair chair, and he and Casey head off into the Walk and Talk.

"My boy can play ball!" brags Casey. Dan, bored, says, "I'd consider taking him out of school." "See, you joke about this," says Casey. Dan says he's not kidding: "There's nothing he can learn in fourth grade that he can't pick up in a good minor-league farm system." Casey then repeats Charlie's stats again. Is everyone paying attention? Do you think this will be important? Do you think you want to jot this down? On second thought, don't sweat it; I'm sure it's going to be repeated many, many times in this episode. Dan continues to pile on the sarcasm: "And you should be his agent, 'cause that usually works out well too." "I'm just sayin'," says Casey. This is what passes for a transition on this show, as we all know, and Dan senses it's time to talk about his problems. Suddenly he becomes indignant and asks Casey if "she" shouldn't have come crawling back to him by now. "Rebecca?" asks Casey. Casey actually asks this. Casey apparently isn't quite sure who Dan might be talking about here. Perhaps Dan is talking about Dana. Or Kim? Or maybe...Elliot? Having confirmed that Dan is indeed talking about Rebecca, and having already bitched about his problems and boasted about his son, Casey determines that he has no more need for empathy and makes a snide comment on how he'd have thought Rebecca would come crawling back to Dan, but instead went crawling back to her husband. Then again, maybe Casey's just trying to get Danny over it, which is something good friends do, and Dan does need to get over this. Natalie pops up, not unlike something out of a Whack-a-Mole game, to tell them that "30's long." Casey tells her to check her shot sheet because Dan fixed it; except that whenever a character on this show says "shot sheet," I hear "Chachi."

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