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At the outset, I just want to note that the three pounds of pork ribs I bought were butchered in the "St. Louis style," which makes a nice little homage to Bakula's hometown in Missouri. By the way, those three pounds of pork? Now completely gone at the publication of this piece. This was a pretty straightforward recipe -- much like its creator, you could say -- and I don't have too many comments on the process. When dealing with the garlic, I preferred to whack the whole garlic cloves with a pestle before mincing them with my knife. The whacking actually brings out more of the garlic essence than simple mincing. Also, when making the marinade it's a good idea to make sure the hoisin sauce is completely assimilated into the other ingredients; otherwise you'll get random pockets of hoisin all over the ribs. Whisking with a fork does the trick. Finally, the recipe says to put the ribs and the marinade in a roasting pan and then bake them for an hour at 350 degrees. I think that's fine, but now I have a pan that's going to be impossible to clean, as all the sugars present in the marinade turned to fossil fuel in the oven. Taste Test: Yum -- these ribs turned out perfectly. I am so glad I took the time to marinate the ribs overnight, because it really made a huge difference. I'm actually pretty picky about my ribs, so it thrills me to report that these ribs were juicy, succulent, and delicious. For the last few minutes when the ribs were basted and shoved under the broiler, I actually changed pans so as to avoid a potential fire in my oven with that charcoaled marinade. Despite the rather monochromatic presentation on the plate, the ribs went quite happily with Bones's Beans. Together, they are a match made in heaven. Like me and Spock. Scariest thing about this recipe? The ribs furrowed at me. Lest my incredibly generous posters think all my critiques mean I am disappointed in the Star Trek Cookbook, I should say that these are only three recipes out of the entire book. I love the cookbook for what it is -- all the funny notes and comments and authentic recipes from the actors. I especially cracked up over Jeri Ryan's section: "Although a meal is no longer just six of one," "Anything from a 7-Eleven store," "Borg Tricorder Pie," and the comment Ryan makes that having her dishes taste terrific was her number-one priority even though the requirement that they be low in fat was her "costume's number-one priority," were all hysterical and just showed what a great sense of humor she has.

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