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Fourth TOS Movie? The Hell It Is!
Spock surfaces and puts his terrycloth robe back on over his curiously Roman-like tunic. Annie demands, "Who the hell are you and what the hell were you doing in there?" "Yes, speak up!" Kirk adds. "Attempting the hell to communicate," Spock calmly explains. Annie goes ballistic. Spock tells Kirk that if they just assumed the whales were theirs to do with as they pleased, they'd be just as guilty as those who hunted them to extinction. Annie's really mad now and orders them out of the CetIns before she calls the cops. Kirk tells her they're just trying to help. "The hell you were, buster, your friend was messing up my tanks and messing up my whales," Annie fumes. "They like you, but they are not the hell your whales," Spock tells her. "I suppose they told you that, huh?" Annie says, crossing her arms. "The hell they did," Spock says. Every time Spock says "the hell," it's flat and toneless and so very funny. Annie really doesn't believe them. Maybe if her husband brings over a Bible, she can make them swear on it. Spock and Kirk stroll down a boardwalk. They're actually at Ft. Point -- back on the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate -- even though they are still supposed to be over in Sausalito. You can see the hills of Sausalito past the bridge. It's pretty, but it's wrong. Kirk thinks Spock should quit with the "colorful metaphors" because he hasn't quite "got the knack of it." Kirk adds that Spock shouldn't feel the need to always tell the truth. "I can't lie," Spock says. Yes, you can. Kirk doesn't want him to lie, exactly, just exaggerate the truth. "You did it before -- can't you remember?" "The hell I can't," Spock muses. In mind-melding with them, Spock learned that the whales are unhappy with the way humans have treated them, and thinks he was able to successfully communicate what it is Kirk and Ko. want to do. Back at the Cetacean Institute, Annie moons over the whales and talks to a co-worker about the whales' fate. Bob the co-worker says, "We can't keep them here with out risking their lives and we can't let them go without taking the same chance." Annie, all exasperated, says she knows all this. "And besides, we're not talking about human beings here -- it's never been proven that their intelligence --" Bob the Co-Worker starts before Annie completely loses her shit all over him. "Oh, COME ON, BOB! I don't know about you but my compassion for someone is not limited to my estimate of their intelligence!" And that, in a nutshell, explains her affection for all her SevHev kids. Annie storms off, leaving Bob the Co-Worker with the realization that he's not getting any that night.

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