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Fourth TOS Movie? The Hell It Is!
Wilson screeches at the Saratoga and still no one can figure out that he just needs directions to Interspace 90. However, the screeches are screwing with all their systems and they can no longer reach Starfleet command. In San Francisco, Brock "I'm Going to Be Bad in the Next Movie But Then Be Cast as Sisko's Father" Peters tells President Papa Smurf that Wilson the Probe is headed toward Earth, and they can't stop or communicate with it. Wilson's signal is damaging everything in its path and has already taken out two Klingon vessels. Brock pulls up the Yorktown on their viewscreen, and they listen to the captain's pre-recorded distress message. The Yorktown is losing life-support as their reserve power drains away. President Papa Smurf wonders if Brock will be able to protect Earth. Brock says they are deploying as many ships as they have, but Wilson is using forms of energy their scientists don't understand. Vulcan. As Kirk and Ko. get ready for take-off, Saavik drops by for a last word before Robin Curtis drops into relative obscurity. "Sir, I have not had the opportunity [over the last three months, she hasn't had the opportunity?] to tell you about your son," Saavik begins. "Buttslash died most bravely. He saved Spock. He saved us all." And it's because of that bravery that he will be reincarnated as a druggie in TNG. Spock walks through the door. "And I have not had the opportunity to tell you about your son, either," Saavik tells him. Well, maybe her mouth doesn't tell him, but her eyes clearly do. Saavik and Spock bid each other Vulcan-ish farewells. Spock asks permission to come aboard. Kirk grants it, and reminds Spock that he used to call him "Jim." Spock doesn't think it's proper to first-name Kirk when he is in command. He's just in a snit because Kirk didn't come to see him last night. "Also," Spock continues, gesturing at his white terrycloth robe, "I must apologize for my attire. I seem to have...misplaced my uniform." In the sauna? Kirk smiles and tells him to take his station. Bones, who has been closely watching this exchange from the shadows, steps out and wonders if Spock is competent enough to serve: "I don't know if you've got the whole picture or not but he's not exactly working on all thrusters." No, he's working only on one thruster and that's what you're jealous of, isn't it? Kirk thinks "it'll come back to him." "Are you sure?" Bones demands. Kirk doesn't answer as he takes the captain's seat. "That's what I thought," Bones hmphs. They take off. Before escorting her to her L'maze class, Amanda stands with Saavik to watch the U.S.S. Booty leave the planet.

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