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Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

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Fourth TOS Movie? The Hell It Is!
Spock is talking to Sarek, who's on his way back to Vulcan. Sarek says he's "impressed" with Spock, and says that he may have been wrong to oppose Spock's enlistment in Starfleet lo those many years ago. Spock eyebrows his surprise. Sarek continues that he kind of digs Spock's "associates." "They are my friends," says Spock. Aw. Sarek asks Spock if he has a message for his mother. Spock says to tell her that he feels "fine." Vulcan hands signs are exchanged, and Spock finds Kirk waiting for him. They leave together. ["By hook or by crook, Kirk gets his booty." -- Keckler] The Enterprise crew takes a shuttlepod to their newly-assigned ship. Awesome, but…isn't Spock a captain now? Shouldn't he get his own ship? I guess he couldn't bear to leave Kirk's side. Bones predicts they're going to get a freighter. Sulu says he wants the U.S.S. Excelsior. Scotty takes particular offense to this, calling the Excelsior "a bucket o'bolts." Kirk says they'll take whatever they get. And what they a brand new Enterprise! "My friends, we've come home," Kirk says. The crew has taken their place on the Enterprise. Bones does a casual/drunk lean against the back of Kirk's chair, and Kirk orders Sulu to see what their new ship's got. Off they go, towards what many consider to be the worst movie in the franchise! But first, we'll see a closing credit sequence in which various parts of the movie we've just seen are shown again, except out of order! But I'll watch because I like the music. ["Aw, I love this movie -- thanks for getting me drunk and suggesting it, Sara." -- Keckler]

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