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Star Trek, The Original Series: “Amok Time”

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Subvulcanean Homesick Blues
Credits. In Spock's cabin, Kirk attempts to grill Spock on his mood swings. "It is undignified for a woman to play servant to a man who is not hers," Spock starts to say. Kirk tells him he's more interested in figuring out the sudden request for shore leave when Spock's gone out of his way to refuse it before. I would think that that's reason enough to request it now. Spock grumpily points out that he's accrued a lot of shore leave. "Agreed, but that isn't the question, is it?" Kirk demands. Spock sits down heavily. "If there's a problem of some sort, an illness in the family --" Kirk guesses. Spock tells him it's nothing like that. "Then since we're headed for Altair VI and since the shore facilities there are excellent…" Kirk says on his way out. I wonder what "shore facilities" really are. I mean, we're familiar with Risa: Come One Come All, but what do regular, non-pleasure planets do for fun? Facials? Can you see a towel-turbaned Spock with a mud mask on? Or playing shuffleboard while waiting for the buffet to be set up? Spock raises his voice and starts to say, "NO! I must --" Kirk looks at him, daring further insubordination from The Electric Guitar Of Weird Behavior, and Spock controls himself and continues, "I wish to take my leave on Vulcan." We can see his right hand behind his back, gripping a sharp object and shaking. Kirk walks toward his Science Officer and says, "Spock, I'm asking you -- what's wrong?" Spock chokes out that he needs rest and he's asking Kirk to accept that. Kirk edges around Spock and calls the bridge. As Sulu answers, Kirk notices what Spock is gripping in his hand. He tells Sulu to lay in a course to Vulcan, warp four. Spock thanks Kirk, and Kirk says, "I suppose most of us overlook the fact that even Vulcans aren't indestructible." The door opens, Kirk leaves, and in a wonderful bit of scene-to-scene continuity, we can see the plomeek soup stain on the wall outside. Heh. Spock talks to himself: "No." The hand holding the sharp object shakes violently and he steadies it with his other hand: "We're not." Kirk logs a summation of the last nine-and-a-half minutes and adds that Bones has Spock under medical surveillance. Uhura tells Kirk, "Captain, something's coming in on the Starfleet Channel." "Do we get that channel?" Mathra demands, "I want that channel." Mathra's had too much sugar today. Kirk puts it on audio, and we hear that the brouhaha Enterprise was rushing to attend on Altair VI has been moved up by a week; they are ordered to be there on time by Admiral Komack. Spock glances up from his station -- should he really be on the bridge in his delicate condition? -- as the message comes through. Kirk ascertains from Chekov's weirdly messy bowl cut that, in order attend the festivities on time, they will be unable to swing by "Wulcan" to drop Spock off. Incoming coiffure explanation from Mathra: "They gave him a wig to wear for a few episodes, because they wanted his hair to grow into that Beatles mop in order for him to be more appealing to the younger generation." Yeah, that worked. Kirk gives the orders to hasten directly to Altair VI, and by way of a non-apology says, "Sailor's luck, Mr. Spock. Or as one of Finagle's Laws puts it, 'Any home port this ship makes will be somebody else's, not mine.'" That's so deep, I can't even see where I threw my ears after I ripped them off. "The president of Altair VI wants to get himself launched a week early, so we have to be there a week early. Don't worry, I'll see that you get your leave as soon as we're finished." Staring straight ahead, Spock tells Kirk that he understands. Ten to one he really doesn't understand -- any takers?

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