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Star Trek, The Original Series: “Devil In The Dark”

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Horton Heals a Horta
Kirk addresses the security team and tells them to kill the Horta on sight. He tells them to concentrate their phaser power "on what appears to be its head." Nice direction -- the thing didn't look like it had a head! Spock objects slightly, opining that they should attempt to capture it. Kirk stares at him and tells the security dudes that their orders are shoot to kill. Spock blinks, hurt that Kirk would contradict him in front of the staff. The security dudes move out. Kirk gives Spock a dressing down, crabbing that he will lose no more men to the late night call of the pizza: "The creature will be killed on sight and that's the end of it." Spock blinks, "Very well, sir." Ooh, lovers' spat. Kirk then tells Spock that he wants him to help Scotty with the floozlebinder. Spock is confused by this order, since Scotty can damn well take care of it himself: "Mr. Scott has far more knowledge of nuclear reactors than I do -- you're aware of that." Kirk wants Spock out of harm's way, and says that one of them is expendable but two of them are not. Spock quotes the odds of 2,228.7 to 1 against both of them being killed in the hunt. As Kirk repeats the odds, the Flute of Spock Making a Funny tootles. "Those are pretty good odds, Mr. Spock," Kirk beams at Spock. "And they are accurate," Spock says. I can only see the back of his head in this shot, but I can tell he's gazing back at Kirk adoringly as they make up. Kirk agrees that Spock can stay, but requests he "stay out of trouble." Spock cocks (heh) his head and says, "That is always my intention, sir." Scotty comms Kirk to tell him that his temporary floozlebinder gave out. Kirk wants all the colonists to beam up to the ship, but Vanderberg interrupts to say that he and his men are staying to help fight the pizza. They have ten hours to find the Horta. Everyone looks. Two tunnels diverged in a cavern, and Kirk took the one less corroded by. Spock takes the other one. At first Spock's all concerned and asks, "Should we separate?" Kirk thinks it would be good for their relationship if they take a break. They split up. At the end of his tunnel, Kirk finds a cavern filled with the medicine balls and immediately calls Spock to tell him this, because he couldn't even go for five minutes without talking to him. Spock requests that Kirk not damage any of the balls, and is about to explain his theory when the Horta knocks some rocks down around Kirk. I don't really know how this is achieved, since it looks like the Horta is in the same cavern, although Kirk can't seem to see it. Then part of the wall of Kirk's cavern "glows" red, and a tunnel appears. The Horta trundles in. Again, I don't get how this happens -- the Horta was in the same cavern, so why did it go through a wall just to enter the...same cavern? Spock calls out to Kirk over and over and over again. And again.

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