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Star Trek, The Original Series: “Devil In The Dark”

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Horton Heals a Horta
Vanderberg's crew gets uglier with the Head Security Dude. Kirk finds a cavern filled with shattered medicine balls. Bones gives angry directions to his nurse on the ship. Spock continues to be weird, saying things like, "It is over. Death is welcome. The murderers have won. Let it end here." Kirk comes back and snaps Spock out of his morbid meanderings. Kirk holds the stolen floozlebinder in one hand and a shattered medicine ball in the other. Spock and Kirk reveal that the medicine balls are the Horta eggs, and that the Horta killed because the miners destroyed thousands eggs in their mining. Vanderberg's ugly crowd beats Head Security Dude down, and everyone rampages down the cavern. Bones continues to heal the Horta. Vanderberg's ugly crowd runs in. Kirk yells at them to hold their fire and says that the first man who fires is dead. "That thing has killed fifty of my men!" Vanderberg bellows. "And you've killed thousands of her children," Kirk retorts. Spock explains that the Horta is the mother of her race. She is intelligent, peaceful, and hurt that her children don't call her more often. Kirk takes up the thread of explanation about a mother defending her children. Vanderberg and his men are cowed: "We didn't know -- how could we?" Vanderberg realizes that when the eggs hatch, there will be thousands of Horta crawling around. "This is where they live! They...diGESTrock for nourishment," Kirk says. How conveeenient for the miners. Spock says the Horta means them no harm. Kirk hands back the floozlebinder and goes on about how the Horta can help the miners uncover all the mineral treasures they couldn't recover before. "It seems to me we could make an agreement -- reach a modus vivendi," Kirk suggests. Kirk. Using Latin. Oh. Dear. Kirk explains it all in more detail, but you're all so smart, I don't need to go into any more than have Horta, will tunnel. Spock throws a spanner in the works by saying that Horta may die. "It won't die!" Bones says, holding his clay-coated hands up. "By golly, Jim -- I'm beginning to think I can cure a rainy day!" Keckler: Did he just say "By golly"? The Evil Dr. Mathra: I'm pretty sure he did. Bones explains that he had one hundred pounds of thermal concrete beamed down from the ship: "You know, it's mostly silicone." I hope he's wrong, because otherwise, that Horta's going to need a new bra. Bones basically spackled the Horta back to health. Kirk tells Spock to meld with the Horta and explain their proposal: "Do you think she'll go for it?" "It seems likely, Captain -- the Horta has a very logical mind. And after close associating with humans, I find that curiously refreshing." The Flute of Spock Makes Another Funny tootles some more as Bones and Kirk exchange shrugging looks.

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