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Star Trek, The Original Series: “Dagger of The Mind”

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One Flew Over the Kirkoo's Nest
Enterprise. A transporter flunk tells Spock that the security field is down. Spock orders Bones to get a security detail together and follow him down. Spock beams away to the Power Source. Power Source. Hell'n-a-Handbasket grabs Iron-Off's gun and darts back into the ducts, just missing Spock's beam-in. Spock notes Iron-Off's crispiness and starts flipping switches. He tells Enterprise that the force field has been eliminated. With the power out, does that mean all the inmates are running around free? Spock flips the power switch up, which confuses me, because I thought when Iron-On became chicken-fried steak it shorted the whole circuit, not pulled the level into the off position. The lights come on. Tanning Booth. Dr. Adams wakes up as the sun lamp burns down on him. The camera shows us there's no one at the controls to administer any SPF 45. Kirk arrives back in his quarters just as Hell'n-a-Handbasket does. He lets her out of the duct, barely asks if she's okay, and kisses her. Hell'n-a-Handbasket tries to fight him, saying it isn't right, "Dr. Adams did this to you." With some help from you, Missy Jane. Spock runs in just in time to catch the clinch. The Clarinet of Spock Finds Kirk So So Silly plays as Spock waits patiently in the doorway with a "here we go again" look on his face. I could make plomeek soup and have Spock eat it off me. Kirk catches sight of Spock, who cocks his head at him like "Well?" Kirk announces, "Dr. Adams! The treatment room!" and runs off. He just doesn't want to stay and be chided by Spock. Can I be? Hell'n-a-Handbasket and Spock follow Kirk. In the hallways, inmates are milling around, and the Enterprise Rent-a-Redshirts are lining up all the Iron-Ons. Bones tries to get Kirk's attention as he runs past Bones to the Tanning Booth. Kirk turns off the sun lamp and notes, "The power came on." He just realized that? The lights everywhere and auto-doors working didn't tell him that sooner? I think the NN Tanning Booth has affected him more than previously assumed. Bones announces, "He's dead, Jim." Hell'n-a-Handbasket says that the machine wasn't set high enough to kill him. "But he was alone. Can you imagine the mind emptied by that thing -- without even a tormentor for company?" Kirk dramatizes. I guess he's already ready for a little midnight scenery. Hell'n-a-Handbasket whispers that she understands. They leave. Enterprise. Bridge. Things seem to be back to normal. Kirk sleepwalks onto the Bridge, and Uhura tells him he had a call from Tantalus. "It was from Van Gelder, he thought you'd like to know that the treatment room had been dismantled. The equipment destroyed," Spock tells him. Kirk thanks him quietly. What's the matter? Hell'n-a-Handbasket got your tongue? Kirk sits in his chair, and Bones leans against it and observes, "It's hard to believe that a man could die of loneliness." Kirk looks all haunted (and sun-kissed, I might add) and says, "Not when you've sat in that room." Hey, Kirk? You're going to die alone, too! Well, sort of. I mean, you're going to bitch about it in a major motion picture sympathy ploy, and then you're going to die with Picard holding your hand. So, not alone, but since you don't really know Picard, it's kind of the same thing. Bones gets reflective. Kirk looks at Spock, who looks like he's about to say something, but Kirk smiles and says, "Take us out of orbit, Mr. Spock." Spock actually smiles back in his acknowledgment. Not a huge, toothy smile, but a small, cute one. Mmm, Spock. What? Oh, right. Bones leaves the Bridge. Kirk keeps up the smile for a bit, but then it fades and he looks serious. Since there's been no talk of reversing the procedure, does he still love Hell'n a Handbasket or what? "Art thou not, fatal vision, sensible to feeling as to sight? Or art thou but a dagger of the mind, a false creation, proceeding from the heat-oppressed brain?" Dr. Mathra whispers from the floor, his hand stretched to the ceiling as the curtain falls.

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