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Star Trek, The Original Series: “Arena”

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Jimmy crack Gorn and I don't care
ChlorBoyMetron fades away, and Kirk reappears on the Bridge. The crew is agog. I am too -- ChlorBoyMetron managed to clean up Kirk's face in the transport process! Maybe that's what the "half savage" comment was about. The crew wants to know if he's all right. "I don't know," Kirk says, and laughs, "I don't know." He's alive, so why doesn't he know if he's all right? I'd think that was the minimal requirement after the life-and-death-capade he had just gone through. He's such a dork. Kirk orders everyone back to their stations, and tells Sulu to get them out of there. Sulu gets his space knickers in a twist when he realizes that they are abruptly on the other side of the galaxy. "Don't try to figure it out, Mr. Sulu. Just plot a course for us back to Cestus III," Kirk orders. Bones puts a hand on Kirk's shoulder. Kirk looks up at him. Bones smiles down and leaves silently. Spock gives Bones's back a glance that says, "I thought tonight was my night!" Hiding his jealousy, Spock tells Kirk that they saw nothing more after Kirk fired his diamonds at RuGorn, and he wants to know what finally happened. Kirk blinks, "We're a most promising species, Mr. Spock, as predators go -- did you know that?" Spock admits to having his doubts. "I don't," Kirk counters, "Not anymore. And maybe in a thousand years or so we'll be able to prove it." Spock raises an eyebrow. "Never mind, Mr. Spock -- it doesn't make much sense to me either," Kirk says. Well, that's because you haven't fully explained what the end result was, you loser! You're letting everyone think that you're still Jimmy the Bloody and that you killed RuGorn. Either that or something else happened down there with Mr. Bosparkles, and you want to keep it to yourself. Keep it special. Regardless, if you laid all the facts before Spock, he wouldn't have any problem understanding what your pea brain is obviously completely incapable of processing! Kirk tells Sulu to take them "back to where [they're] supposed to be." "A thousand years, Captain?" Spock muses. "Well, that gives us a little time," Kirk smirks. Spock gives up. So do I.

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