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Levels of Orgasms
In a "tricky" camera maneuver, we get to walk through Ten Forward just as though we have a game on our heads, but without the benefit of the orgasmic reactions. Everyone in Ten Forward is involved in the game and we pass by orgasm after orgasm until the player that is supposed to be us hones in on Lefler -- headset-less -- and demands with O'Brien's voice, "Have you tried this?!" "Yes, I've tried it -- thanks! It's great!" Lefler says fakely. Back in normal vision, we see O'Brien grunt with a half-smile and walk away. Wesley runs up, breathing her name. "Where have you been? Everyone's after me to try it!" Lefler whines. Keckler's Law 4015: If you don't want the hoi polloi bugging you, don't camp out in Ten Forward. Fool. Wesley assures her that Picard is going to look into it. "Well, I hope he makes a ship-wide announcement because this thing is really starting to give me the creeps!" Lefler says loudly. A random freak stops by their table and leans over: "Did you forget your game?" Lefler says they left them in their quarters and thanks the freak. "Well, you can use mine!" the freak offers. "No, thanks!" Lefler says. Keckler's Law 4016: If you don't want the hoi polloi bugging you, don't camp out in Ten Forward and talk LOUDLY. Fool. The freak insists, but Wesley grabs Lefler's wrist and gets up from the table, snapping, "She said 'no thanks'!" Wesley finally comes to the conclusion that it's odd that the one person who couldn't be affected by the game (Data) is conveniently off enjoying a nice relaxing coma. Lefler and Wesley scamper off to check on him. Sickbay. As Wesley scans Data and does all the science-y stuff, he sends Lefler off on lookout duty. Ass. Lefler reports back that the nurse is still groaningly involved with her game. Wesley finally realizes that there's a signal breach between Data's brain and his body. Why the Gamers didn't just completely destroy Data is beyond me. I mean, why make it that his brain and body functions are actually working at all? Just so Wesley can happen along and fix everything in time to Save The Day? Blah blah blah Datababble. Wesley gets his scans up on the viewer. They see that some of Data's positronic links were severed. "The cuts are precise," Lefler observes in a Jack The Ripper Was A Doctor investigatory way. "Look at how clean the edges are." The music gets worrisome as Wesley looks at her and says, "Only two people on board know enough about Data to do something like this -- Commander La Forge and my mother!" Presumably Data also knows enough about himself to do something like that. I mean, not that he'd see any logic in doing it, but I'm just saying. Lefler wonders why either of them would do it, and Wesley thinks there's more going on than meets the dilated and blissed-out eye. "What if someone's trying to use the game for some purpose other than pleasure?" Wesley asks. "Then Data would be a threat to that plan and only with Data out of the way would everyone become addicted!" Lefler cottons on. "And everyone has...except us!" Wesley says softly. Yes, everyone but the prodigies. Well, Lefler's not a prodigy -- she just has Lefler's Laws of Annoyance, so I guess that means she will be addicted before the episode is over and it will be All Up To Wesley.

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