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Dance Is A Battlefield

Previously: the dancers performed an apache, mostly badly (though I'm unconvinced that it could be done well by anyone). Oscar won the challenge. Though all of his fellow team members said they thought porn pup Michael (I would link to something but I don't want to be responsible for anyone losing their babysitting gig or marriage) should go home, it was James who was eliminated. For not being masculine enough. Meow meow.

It's morning at the dancers' lofts and Janelle tells Miguel, who is wearing a red baseball cap, that she feels like they should "do this for James." He agrees. He interviews that he has lost his sistah and it's total bullshit. He feels that James was better than a "handful" of dancers who are still there. He's actually totally right. As far as the trajectories for shows like this go, I'd expected to see James stick around for a while longer. ["Of course Miguel actually being one of those dancers James was better than never quite crossed his mind, big surprise." -- Joe R] Michael is shirtless and ironing his t-shirt in the kitchen. He interviews that he knows Miguel would have rather seen him go home than James, "because they call themselves 'the sisters.'" He looks a little sad and it's kind of pitiful. So, yeah, Michael apparently did some gay porn before finding his way onto this show. Is anyone even shocked by this stuff anymore? Gay porn is like the gateway drug for reality show fame these days. Michael continues and says that he is there as a competitor and he could give a damn if Miguel likes him or not. Except that you can tell that he really wants Miguel to like him. Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be bitchy dancers.

All of the dancers are congregating in one of the lofts. Oscar talks about how he's excited to have won the previous challenge. Then, Nomi walks in with breakfast! Muffins! Coffee! But she doesn't serve it. Nick asks her how she is enjoying watching the dancers and she says that sometimes she wants to cry because she is so blown away by them. And she gets choked up as she says it! And she's holding her stomach in a defensive way, so I think that she's really kind of touched right now! That's really beautiful! All of the dancers "Aw!" which detracts a little bit from the moment. She says that she knows what it takes and it's a life of discipline and passion, even though "punishment and purging" were totally on the edge of her lips. It's a gift, she says. She's still a little choked up and I've honestly never found her as engaging as at this very moment. Mochi hugs her as she laughs off her emotion. Jessica, who I feel may have the most grating accent that I have ever heard in my entire life, says that the life of a dancer is not easy and she really feels like Nomi understands them. She says that it's a blessing to have her around. I'm not sure there's any actual content to that statement. A blessing? Around?

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