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Dance Is A Battlefield

As the clock counts down on Dave's choreography session, he interviews that you have to have technique to do hip-hop. You can't just get off of the couch and decide to do it. He says that different people have different things to offer. As he starts working with them, we see an interview with Cody where he says that Dave's work was fast but it felt comfortable. If you're a superhero, anything's going to feel comfortable. Oscar is not having as easy a time and it looks like he's getting the giggles. He interviews that this isn't his thing. Hip-hop is very "ground" and he likes to jump. That's a nice observation. And, a good reason why a dancer might not like hip-hop aside from just being a stick-in-the-mud.

Dave tells the dancers not to dance with "plain face." He encourages them to stick out their tongues and be expressive. When they run the choreography, it looks really good. Nick says it's incredibly fast. Mochi chimes in -- she says it's a "crazy scene." Jerry enters at the end of the hour and says that they will audition in smaller groups and Dave will pick his favorite three dancers. They will be the team leaders for the callback challenge.

The girls will go first. When the choreography is finished Dave will point at them for their freestyle. Tovah looks like she's hiding in the back when she hears that. The audition begins and the girls look like they have the choreography down pretty well, with the exception of Jessica, who is kind of coy and loosey-goosey. Tovah looks surprisingly sharp and comfortable and, she's right, her boobs are huge. For their freestyle, Tovah kind of krumps, but it's really fluid and kind of beautiful. Mochi does a break dancing move. Janelle krumps and ends in a cooter slam. Miguel says that he and Janelle are friends, but her dance style resembles "white girl at the club." That's so stupid. This guy apparently thinks that every time he opens his mouth an insult is supposed to come out, even if he doesn't really have anything to say. Jessica does the worm, which Nick labels "least effective" making him "most understatementy."

I wish they would show more of the choreography. I like to see everyone dancing together. It sounds simple, but I love to see really sharp matching movement and these editors never let us see more than a couple of seconds of that. Anyhoo, here come the boys. Oscar is totally out of place. Miguel is still wearing his red cap. For the freestyle, Nick slides across the floor, does a turn, and ends with the move where he's supporting himself with one hand and his legs are really high in the air. Boy has been doing his Pilates. Michael comes out and is all over the place. It's really frenetic and I think it's pretty cool. Miguel is really stylized and smooth and he does some really fast spins (his hat falls off). Meanwhile, Michael interviews that Miguel is his biggest competition. Oscar comes out and is ridiculous. It's all ballet. Mochi interviews that his immunity is going to save his ass in this challenge. Cody. Ah, Cody. He does some really impressive, athletic break dancing.

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Step It Up & Dance




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