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Dance Is A Battlefield

Dave's top three are Cody (he interviews, "Who knew?" I think you knew, Cody), Janelle, and Miguel. Those three are the crew captains. They will choose teams and they choose numbers to see you will draw first. It's Janelle, then Cody, then Miguel. Janelle chooses Michael first and mentions in her interview that her entire group chose Michael as the person to go home in the last challenge, but he's good at hip-hop so this is his payback. Cody chooses Mochi. Miguel chooses Nick, who interviews that he is really glad to not be in the same group as Cody (He needs the judges to "see" him). Janelle chooses Tovah. Cody chooses Jessica, which means that Oscar wasn't chosen ("Oo-fah!" he exclaims in his interview), but he's part of Miguel's crew. Miguel nicely says, "I CHOOSE Oscar."

Jerry says that there won't be a winning team and elimination team. They will be battling each other. They will have 30 minutes for each crew to work with Dave. He will be looking for how each member of each crew utilizes their individual talents. Each crew will have to develop two 20-second routines, as well as freestyling. He wants everyone to challenge themselves and be free and spontaneous. Jerry tells the dancers that they will be taken to a "special location" for their battle.

Janelle's crew works first and she pretty much drives it. Their crew will be "clowning" which Janelle describes as "hating on the other people." They develop a little bit to clown on Mochi maybe a little bit offensive? Essentially it's just picking out that she's short and Asian, which isn't so bad I guess; unless you consider that those are the elements of her personality that they consider fodder for clowning.

Mochi tells us that Dave asked them to pick names for their crews. Their shirts are blue, so they want to work off of that. Jessica suggests "Blue Babies" and "Bright Blue." And, she's not kidding. Cody, with his relative street cred, tells Jessica that the name needs to be "harder." "Breakin' Blue?" he tosses out. Jessica says, "I like Blue Breakers." Breakin' Blue it is.

Janelle's crew shows their work to Jerry. He says that they stole a step from his show Legally Blonde. I THOUGHT that show was incredibly street! Elle does some mad clowning. Janelle asks Jerry if he caught their clowning on Mochi and Jessica (apparently they have a step where they mock her running off stage). He says that they can point at the person they're clowning on, to make it even clearer. His advice is to make the moves that they are doing together very clean.

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