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Dance Is A Battlefield

Outside, Nick asks Janelle how their rehearsal went and she doesn't answer him. He interviews that she's very young and green. Oscar jokes, "Don't talk to the enemy." Nick and Oscar talk about team names. They want "black" in the title because that's the color of their shirts. Oscar suggests "B.G. Joke" for "Black Group Joke." Nick asks if that might be a little racist and Oscar replies, "I don't know." He has really great timing, that Oscar. He really picks up his cues.

Cody leads his team. He tells us that his mother had a dance studio and, in the '80s, started a break dancing crew with the kids in his city. We see a picture of an all-'80s all-white crew. They look ferocious. I guess Cody's not in the picture. He says his mother always encouraged him to tackle different dance styles. ["I want to attend Thanksgiving dinner at Cody's family's house, I really do." -- Joe R] Mochi says that, in a battle, you have to have a "mad dog, don't fuck with me" look. She gives an example and it's more, "Would you like some dessert?" than "Don't fuck with me." They throw some old school moves into their routine, as an ode to his mother.

Oscar, in what I guess is some attempt at sounding street, says that they have chosen the name "BT Slam." That sounds really stupid. It stands for "Black T-shirt Slam." Jesus, that's stupid. Oscar says that it was a joke. Still stupid. They have this weird Three Amigos move that they do when they introduce themselves which makes their whole thing ever stupider. Miguel says that he loves Oscar and Nick. Hmm, he just said he loves them. Interesting.

Before Cody's team performs for Jerry, we hear Mochi interview that Jessica was the least comfortable with hip-hop. Jerry doesn't seem too impressed with them. He tells them that they need to all be on the same page.

Miguel says that the strategy of his team was to have a good time and use their "sense of humors." Nick says that this style of dancing is all about intimidation. Outside, Janelle's group is trying to think of a name. They go with "Everest" because they are a mountain that is hard to conquer. Very well. Miguel's crew performs for Jerry and it looks pretty good. Miguel's hat falls off again. They have a move where they are like dogs pissing on the other crews and afterwards Jerry says, "That's nasty. Psst." I feel like I just learned something about him and I wish I didn't know it and, even more, I wish I didn't feel like I always knew it. Jerry suggests that Miguel wear the hat! Miguel's totally like, it's not going to stay on, but I'll try to bobby pin it.

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Step It Up & Dance




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