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Dance Is A Battlefield

They have five minutes to get ready before they are taken to the secret location. Tovah interviews that this is their first one-day challenge. Janelle says she wasn't expecting someone to go home today but "gotta do watcha gotta do." She's not so cavalier when she's not sure she's staying.

Next, we see the dancers walking down the most well lit dark alley in recent memory. They end up in a warehouse where the judges and like 15 other people are waiting. It's a battle. Nomi, who really does appear to favor the left side of her face, introduces Vincent and Nancy and Dave. Rob is there too. Nomi tells us that there will be a winning team and two losing teams, and someone will be going home from one of the losing teams.

Dave chooses Red Everest to battle first. Janelle says that it's really important for her to do will in her genre of dance. There's something really jolting about the way she says "genre." She's really hard on that g. She says that she's been talking so much about how she's good at hip-hop and now it's like, "Bitch, you better prove yourself." They will be battling BT Slam. They do their routines and their both pretty good, though Red Everest seems to have followed Jerry's advice about their cleanliness and it's really sharp. The individual free styling is more of what we saw earlier, except Oscar does a whole bunch of turns a la seconde (I think I got it right that time!) and Janelle follows him with her own turns ending with a grand cooter slam. I actually felt like she looked a little sloppy just then, but Dave seems to like it. For his freestyle, Miguel mocks her cooter slam by doing one himself and rolling his eyes like he's really bored.

Afterwards, Rob suggests to Dave that they let the crowd decide who the winner is. By applause, Red Everest is the winner. They didn't seem to like BT Slam at all, which is odd because they were pretty good. Now, BT Slam will battle Breakin' Blue. Blue goes first and they're pretty good. Cody is all over the place because he's amazing, and Mochi does this move where she rips off her pants and sits on Cody who is lying down. Then, she pulls her shirt over his knees and acts like she's a little person. It's pretty funny. Miguel interviews that he sort of froze for the second round. All he could see was Mochi posing like "a hard little bitch" and he wondered "what are we doing here?" Haven't we all had moments like that? Not this context maybe, but something like that. For his freestyle, Nick flips the bird. He apologizes to his mom in an interview but says that he had to do it. Jessica, I swear to Martha Graham, does the fucking worm again. The crowd tries to kill her. She interviews that hip-hop is not her thing, but she tried to step out of her comfort zone. I'll give her that, but has she not watched MTV since 1988? The worm?

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Step It Up & Dance




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