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Dance Is A Battlefield

Oh my God, ya'll, Oscar is so awesome. He has to battle Mochi and she does some weird posey stuff that I'm not sure qualifies as dancing, and he comes out with ballet moves. Nothing street about it. He interviews that he has never battled before and he will never battle again. It's not for him, and he squeezes the air like the tiny case is closed. Cody comes out and it's super athletic. The crowd chooses Breakin' Blue as the winner.

Now, it's Red Everest against Breakin' Blue. Blue goes first and it's not that great this time. Rob looks a little embarrassed for them at one point. Michael says that Mochi is out of her element. The Red's do their routine that clowns on Mochi, but it doesn't really register with the crowd (I think because it was way sloppy). Then, Janelle freestyles and it's pretty great. She does all of these handless round offs around the stage. It's pretty cool. Jessica comes out and just does some funky Nutcracker ballet stuff. Boring. Janelle suggest that Jessica needs to STEP IT UP. Cody's freestyle is crazy. I'm sorry for doing this, he's just really great. That's one hot piece, that Cody. Michael is awesome, though. He slides out and mime pees on the Blues. Great crowd response. Red Everest wins by a landslide. Mochi interviews that this is her first time being in the elimination group.

Back at the main stage, Nomi congratulates the winning team. Dave said it felt like they were working together. Vincent says that Tovah did beautiful work, even though she had previously said that hip-hop was not her forte. She says that she got out of her head and had fun. Nancy says she loved what Michael did. Vincent says that he really found his voice. Nancy tells Janelle that she was filthy (she's complimenting her), and Dave says that he liked her fire. The judges deliberate. Dave says it was a tie between Michael and Janelle. Rob says that Janelle is the clear winner because, in the battle, she had the "blow ups." Nancy thinks that Michael was more spontaneous and Vincent agrees. He also thinks that Janelle was using tricks. Dave liked Michael but thinks that Janelle stepped up as team leader. They're done deliberating and Dave announces that the winner is Janelle. She's immune again. Michael interviews that he is still a champ in his own mind, which is really the feeling of every person on every reality show isn't it? Janelle tells us that she's here to win. Novel.

The elimination teams come onstage. Dave tells the dancers that, as a whole, he was overwhelmed. He picks out Cody for his jumps. Nancy compliments Miguel (He's still butching it up! He's worthwhile!). She says he was a free spirit during the battles. That's actually pretty true. His battle dancing did seem to come from the heart. For some reason, that reads like I'm joking but I'm not. Nancy tells Nick that it looked like he was holding back. Dave says that Rob said (he's right there, I don't know why he wouldn't just say it himself) Nick had a lot of "I'm about to" moves, where it looked like he was about to go crazy on someone. Dave wishes that he had gone crazy. Nick says that he didn't pull the trigger hard enough. Nancy says, next time, he should shoot her. She said it. They bag on Oscar for not letting go and I guess he really didn't, but I sort of admire his awareness of just not wanting to do hip-hop. He should try harder, though. Rob thinks that he should at least have tried to do something funny. Nancy thinks that Mochi should have done more, and Rob says she didn't loser her mind. All of the judges admire that Jessica let herself go, but she wasn't technically up to the task.

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Step It Up & Dance




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