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Dance Is A Battlefield

The judges deliberate. For the bottom three, Nancy chooses Mochi. Rob suggests Jessica -- he didn't even see evidence that she was a good technical dancer. Nancy agrees and says that she was a "slop bucket." That's not good. My dad called slop buckets the pails they used to pee in at night on the farm before there was indoor plumbing. Again, I'm not kidding. Finally, they choose Nick for the bottom three. Dave thinks that his individual performance was lacking. They've made their decision. Cody, Miguel, and Oscar are safe. Nomi tells Oscar that he would have been in trouble without his immunity. Of course. Mochi is safe. And the show is over for...Jessica. And only two episodes and an audition process too late. Jessica starts crying and leaves the stage and into the arms of Michael

Jessica interviews that she is glad that she is leaving having given her all. Miguel says that he didn't know Jessica very well so he can't say that he will miss her. He can say that at least he won't be left onstage alone. What a bitch. She tells everyone she loves them and leaves. Jessica does a really lovely contemporary ballet routine. She looks much better than she ever really did on the show. That 's a shame. She says that, during the show, she learned that she is a much stronger dancer than she knew. She's seeing Broadway and tours in her future. Okay!

Jeff Long is unsure of the Broadway future of Jessica. He can be reached at

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Step It Up & Dance




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