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It's The Final Countdown
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Previously: Latin dance was the challenge. The eliminated dancers were brought back as partners and Oscar was granted re-entrance into the competition!! No one went home, but Janelle and Cody were in the bottom two-- which was ridiculous. The Cody part.

It's morning and we are blessed with the loveliest tableaux-- Oscar giving Cody a haircut. Cody jokingly asks Oscar if he charges more than 20 bucks for a cut, and Oscar snorts and says he is indeed more expensive. Oscar interviews that he is back and he feels fantastic. When he says that he makes a circle in the air with his index fingers, bringing them together when he finishes. Totally arbitrary movement there, but evocative. I feel fantastic for you, Oscar. Back in the loft, he asks Cody if he cuts his hair at "Supercut." Cody laughs and says that he doesn't. No, he goes to the Barb Shop. Cody interviews that he is concerned to have Oscar back, because it's more competition. Don't say that out loud with those scissors by your head. He tells Oscar that he is having him cut his hair so he might get carpal tunnel syndrome. Funny, when I'm competing with hairdressers, I have them dance. I'm crafty like that.

In the other loft, Janelle is on her T-MOBILE SIDEKICK with her boyfriend. She tells him that she is having, like, a mental breakdown. I thought you had to have mental capacity in order to have a mental breakdown. I need to watch more Dr. Phil. She interviews that Mochi is good at everything and fuck that. So, I kind of hate Janelle. It's more like a hatred of flies or humidity than a hatred of terrorism or workplace bigotry, but there is hate. She interviews that it has been frustrating to be in the bottom two several times. She whines to her boyfriend that, when she dances, she has to worry about her center, point her toes, lift, and "squeeze so [she's] not a fat ass." So, essentially, she has to dance when she's dancing. It's a hard world, kid. The dance world's not all herkies and cooter slams. She interviews that she wants to win more than anything.

In the other room, Miguel tells Mochi that he is very sore. He interviews that his argument with Mochi during the last challenge is the one moment of the competition that he wishes he could take back. That's pretty big of him. Well, bigger than usual. We see a replay of Mochi telling him not to be defensive. He interviews that he's not here to fight-- he's here to win. The end. Mochi interviews that she's already over the tiff. They love each other. Well, she clarifies, she loves him.

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Step It Up & Dance




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