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It's The Final Countdown

Nomi tells Miguel and Cody that they are safe. So, it's down to Oscar and Janelle. Nancy tells Janelle that she would be a great cheerleader, but she's not sure she has what it takes to stay in the competition. Vincent tells Oscar that it was nice to have him back, but he didn't shine in this genre. Nomi says, "Oscar, I'm really sorry, but this means the show is over." He's a great sport. He doesn't get a last dance, because he has already done that. He says that this has been a great experience and he feels like he has proven himself by coming back. Thanks for being awesome, Oscar!

Nomi calls the remaining dancers onstage. She tells them that they've made it to the finals. Now they'll go back to the lofts and pack. They're going home. In their time off, they will have to choreograph an original one-minute solo. Janelle says, "I feel like I'm in a dream! Thank you so much!" She sounds like a twit. Jerry tells them to STEP IT UP and the all-in again.

As they're packing, Nick interviews that they all need a rest. He wants to get back into the gym and into class so he can come back "cocked, locked, and ready to rock." Nice. Janelle, who's wearing a furry winter hat, says that she deserves to be in the final five, even though she has been in the bottom two more weeks than not. Right? But she thinks she's going to come back and kick everyone's asses. Please let Janelle be the first to be eliminated in the finals. Please?

Mochi says that as the challenges have passed, she's become more and more competitive. She wants to win. It looks like Nick shaves when he goes home!!!

Jeff Long is living La Vida Loca. (And he actually feels very stupid about the Ricky Martin gaffe.) You can reach him at

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Step It Up & Dance




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