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It's The Final Countdown

Oscar reads a message on his T-MOBILE SIDEKICK. The dancers are to be ready at 9AM and they have to bring their sunglasses and hats. Nick asks, because Oscar is real real Italian, what's a "het." Oscar has to mime it for him before he gets it. When Nick says, "Oh, a hat," Oscar replies, "What did I say?!" Nick interviews that he did well in the last challenge, so he feels like he is building some momentum. But, he says you never know what might be thrown at you. Cody, Oscar, and Nick ponder what the next challenge might be. Someone suggests "a day off" and they laugh it off. Cody interviews there's been no time off and they are all getting a little tired. As they are leaving, Nick fake closes the door on Cody (Freudian?).

As they are walking out the front door of the lofts, Mochi sees something that excites her and opens the glass door so hard that it slams into the rest of the glass exterior. She kind of stumbles and everyone laughs at her. A black stretch Hummer limo pulls up and Miguel interviews that he has never been in a limo in his life. The window rolls down and it's Nomi. Oscar interviews that he was hoping Ricky Martin would be in the limo, or, better yet, Cher. (By the way, Ricky is from Puerto Rico, not Mexico. I made a joke last week insinuating that he was Mexican like Miguel and that is WRONG. My bad). Then he does a little Cher hair flip and a "Whoa!" Awesome.

They get into the limo and Nick says that, sitting next to Nomi was "Tina 'Freakin' Landon." He says it doesn't get any better than that. Tina Landon is the guest judge and choreographer. The dancers seem thrilled (and also like they recognize her). She has worked with Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin (not Mexican!) -- the list goes on. Miguel tells Tina that he is a choreographer too and she has been an inspiration to him. He interviews that he "hearts" Tina Landon. He says she's a legend and one of his choreography icons. Nomi tells the dancers that Tina is currently choreographing for the artist on the DVD she's about to play.

Oh my God! It's Rihanna! I HEART RIHANNA. She is one of my work-out music icons!! Seriously. She says in her cute little Barbados accent that the dancers are really going to have to STEP IT UP. They will be dancing to one of her songs for this challenge. She says that working for Tina can be very difficult, but it can also be very rewarding. In fact, one of the dancers will get to assist Tina on her next big job. Why haven't they been doing this all along? It makes so much sense to have rewards like this. It gives some substance to winning the challenges besides just not going home. Rihanna is so cute. Nomi repeats that one of the dancers will have the opportunity to work with Tina and Janelle interviews that this is the biggest opportunity she has had so far. In her life. As they are ending their ride, Nomi tells them that this is the last challenge before the finals.

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Step It Up & Dance




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