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They start to run through with the music and we hear an interview with Miguel. He says that he and Janelle do this kind of dancing all of the time, but Oscar, Cody, and Mochi are too precise for this style. Oscar isn't looking very precise right now. He's having problems keeping up and at one point he just gives up. He throws his umbrella behind him and is kind of like "fuck it." He interviews that he was frustrated because he doesn't usually dance with an umbrella. OK, I know this must be hard for Oscar, but that's pretty poor form right there. You shouldn't act like you're annoyed with the choreography that someone just taught you -- at least that's what I think.

Time's up and Jerry has returned. Janelle interviews that she has never auditioned for a video before, but since she's a hip-hopper she's hoping it will go well. They start and it's pretty great! Oscar is really behind the entire time, but everyone else looks really good. And, God bless, the edit actually showed some dancing this time! Sure, it's a group number and they kept showing close ups of certain dancers, thereby destroying the effect of the group stuff; but you got the general idea. When they finish, Tina says they were really good. Miguel interviews that he "slammed" his audition. The umbrella was an extension of him, much like his hair.

Jerry says that Tina will be choosing two captains from the dancers. Miguel whispers in his interview that he's totally going to get it. She chooses Nick, who interviews, "I won something! Finally." Then, she chooses CODY!!! Eat it, Janelle. She puts her head in her hands as we all laugh and clap. Tina says that Nick and Cody were both crisp and detailed. Miguel interviews that he was disappointed. The captains have to choose teams. Nick gets to go first and chooses Miguel. Cody chooses Janelle. He interviews that he usually works with Mochi, but Janelle is really comfortable with hip-hop, so she seems like the right choice. Mochi interviews that Cody can do whatever he wants, and I think she means it. Nick chooses her next though and she has a look on her face like she's real mad and I think we're supposed to believe that the anger is directed at Cody. That leaves Oscar for Cody's group and he says, "I CHOOSE Oscar." Oscar interviews that nobody wants Oscar. Jerry says that there will be no elimination or winning team. Instead, he will take them back to the studio where they will create choreography to go with what Tina just taught them. Cody interviews that he grew up watching his mother choreograph and he loves to do it. Nick says he's confident going up head-to-head with Cody.

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Step It Up & Dance




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