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At the studio, Jerry is waiting for them once again. He welcomes Oscar back to the rehearsal studio and tells the dancers that, for their callback, each group will have to create 4 8-counts of choreography to go with Tina's stuff, incorporating the umbrella. Nick's team rehearses first. He tells Mochi and Miguel that even though he's the team captain, they're in this together. Nick mentions to the team that Tina likes soft and relaxed movement and he says in his interview that the judges have been asking him to be more expressive, so he's looking for a balance. They practice a move where they stick their umbrellas in the air and Mochi calls it a "phallic tribute." "Thank you, Sigmund Freud," is Nick's reply. Miguel chips in a lot with the choreography and interviews that he wants to show Tina what a good team player he is. He actually is putting a lot of effort into the steps, which Nick will probably get credit for. That's pretty cool of him. This team works well together. Nick and Mochi both complain about being tired and Mochi says that she needs an 18-year old's body. She interviews that the challenges are taking their toll, but she's keeping on. She wants to overcome the "age stigma" -- the idea that you can only be young to be a dancer. Some of the virtues of professionalism -- not complaining, not talking shit -- come with age. They add a trick where they roll the umbrella down their backs and catch it at the bottom, and Mochi says it's a risk. They run their combination one last time before time's up and they're all pretty happy with it. Nick says that he hopes he doesn't get in trouble for concentrating more on his team than on his performance. Jerry enters to tell them that their time is up and Nick jokes that they were just about to add him to the dance. Jerry goes along and practices their umbrella-down-the-back trick.

Then Cody's team begins. From the very beginning, Janelle has a nasty attitude about everything he suggests. I can totally understand where she's coming from -- she's afraid of doing badly, and she feels like hip-hop is her forte -- but she's totally reductive. She just kind of destroys the process. Lots of "no's" and not many suggestions. She interviews that she feels like she's the hip-hop girl with the two technical boys (brilliant analysis there) and she thinks Cody needs to drop the posturing. So tell him that. Don't just be an asshole. At one point, he's trying to describe something and she says, before he's even finished, that she already doesn't like it. He asks her what she wants to do and she demonstrates a little move. He tries to mimic her and she screams, "No, Cody! Just start the fucking music. MUSIC!" Wow. Cody interviews discreetly that it's very clear that Janelle is 18. Nice way of putting that. Dear God, he's so cute. Anyway, he tries to suggest picking up the umbrellas at one point and she cuts him off (!) and says, "Oh no, I don't want to pick shit up." She's ridiculous. Cody finally talks her into trying the move and she adds one tiny part and says, "Now I like it." What is happening? She interviews that Cody needs to listen to her ideas -- maybe we're not seeing the part where he's cutting her off and acting like her ideas are stupid. Cody says that it was hard working with Janelle. They run through their combination and Cody interviews that he doesn't feel like it's very strong and it would have been totally different without Janelle in the room. When Jerry comes in to tell them time is up, Janelle says, "If we didn't butt heads, it wouldn't be good." I think she has a lot to learn.

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Step It Up & Dance




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