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It's The Final Countdown

As everyone stumbles into the lofts, Oscar interviews that hip-hop is not his thing and it's hard for him to dance with the umbrella. Then he does this weird little Zen-like chant that's very funny. Nick interviews that being team captain is a lot of pressure. Does anyone else feel like Nick seems a little oddball in his interviews? He does this weird Forrest Gump thing that I find compelling but also kind of freaky. Cody interviews that anyone could win and anyone could be eliminated for this challenge.

Janelle and Miguel are in a bedroom together and Janelle says that Cody and Mochi are "so classy and innocent." Being the cheerleader who did beer bongs doesn't make you worldly, Janelle. Just trashy. And possibly a former roommate of mine. Miguel says that they are not "the next big dance stars." Um, I'm pretty sure at least one of them is. Janelle says they are more like "the next big dance partners," which really turns over Miguel's giggle box. Miguel says that he and Janelle could be dancing for the next 10 years. I find this all very annoying, quite possibly because I'm old. Janelle says that she doesn't "want" to call them old, but . . . Asshole. She says to Miguel that in 10 years, there are going to be flying cars. I think I need to make a phone call to someone just to make sure I wasn't that completely stupid when I was 18. I know I was at least kind of stupid, but I don't know if I could handle the embarrassment of being quite as stupid as Janelle is. Miguel might not look young for much longe if he keeps drinking as much wine as he seems to (he has a glass with him right now. He actually doesn't look that young at all right now. He should zip it. Anyway, he laughs at Janelle's stupid flying car bit. Janelle interviews that if she is dancing next to someone like Cody or Mochi, people will look at her. Wow, she is going to be embarrassed one day when she realizes how annoying she sounds right now. I guess it's necessary at some level to have that kind of opinion of yourself, but I so much prefer the kind of person who is just dedicated to her work ethic and making herself better.

The next morning, Nick is having breakfast and interviews that he wants to make it to the finals. His strategy is to not stick out in a bad way. Miguel and Janelle show up and Nick says that they are 25 minutes late (for breakfast?). Janelle says "Really?" like she's perfectly aware that she was late but that may just be me projecting because I'm so totally over her now. She interviews that she and Cody butted heads. She doesn't feel confident with what they came up with. Oscar interviews that the judges always have the same problems with him -- he is too balletic and too feminine. He knows that he needs to show them something besides the technical.

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Step It Up & Dance




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