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It's The Final Countdown

At the studio, Jerry and Tina greet the dancers. With an hour to work, Tina says that they have to combine her choreography with combinations that they came up with. They are going to start with the Tina choreography, then Nick's team, then Cody's team, and then 2 counts of 8 for a concluding extravaganza. Mochi says that it was a little tough putting the two teams together. There were blocking issues and she was concerned about somebody getting hurt. Miguel says that it was a dream come true to be rehearsed by Tina Landon. People really love saying her whole name. Often. The last 2 8-counts will end with a pose, and Tina tells them to make sure they're not hiding their faces. She interviews that she looks for dancers who are taking her direction and doing exactly what she says, but still making it look new.

The dancers run through the choreography once and Nick interviews that it was a chance to see which group was better. While Nick's group is going, we hear an Oscar interview where he says that he doesn't think their choreography is very good. It's safe and boring. Cody thinks they are unified and look really good. Nick thinks that Cody's trying too hard to be flashy. Everyone always has something to say about Cody. When they all see this, I hope they feel a little bit bad that he never said a nasty thing about any of them. Of course Miguel thinks that the other team looked really bad. Afterwards, Tina gives notes. She thinks that Nick's team needs to "let go" from the neck up -- it will give them an extra edge. She's not feeling the team quality from Cody's group. She says no one should try to out-dance the other. She applauds them and she's done.

In the dressing room, Oscar says that he needs to go to the gym. Mochi is looking in the mirror and says that she has wrinkles around her eyes when she smiles. Oscar responds, "Yeah, you do" dryly. He pauses for a moment, then laughs. She interviews that it would be a dream job to assist Tina. Cody says that he's feeling a lot of pressure. Janelle says she wants to win. Jerry comes in and they do an all-in "STEP IT UP AND DANCE!" It's time to do this.

The dancers enter the stage and Nomi greets them. She introduces those stupid judges Nancy and Vincent and re-introduces Tina Landon. Nomi says she has worked with "every major recording artist," which seems like a bit of a stretch. Has she worked with Weezer? Death Cab For Cutie? Don't those recording artists qualify as major? She says that this will be the last dance for one of them.

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Step It Up & Dance




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