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It's The Final Countdown

They begin the callback. Oscar interviews that everything's at stake, and he hopes it's delicious. I'm not kidding. The Tina stuff is really good -- just really fun choreography to watch. Lots of level changes and sexy angles. There are some precision problems and I'm not really sure what the source is. Oscar is a little behind. Cody is a little too precise and explodes too much. Nick and Mochi and Miguel are really good. Janelle seems to have the footwork right but there's something jarring about her carriage. She shakes her hair a lot when she dances. For the group choreography, Nick's group is nearly perfect. Like Oscar says, it doesn't look incredibly difficult, but it blends with Tina's stuff and they all look sharp doing it. Mochi in particular looks really good to me. She has a beret on and she looks totally adorable. Cody's group is all over the place. Y'all know I love me some Cody, but he's really too much for this. If unity is key to this challenge, you have to pull yourself back if everyone's not to your level.

After the performance, Tina says to Cody that their performance looked like three different people, not a group -- and it showed in the choreography. Cody says that,no disrespect to Janelle...and, uh, Oscar (I think he just added Oscar because he didn't want to call Janelle out individually), there was an energy of waiting for Cody to decide what to do. Janelle says that she disagrees and had a lot of ideas and was ready to offer them. I'm not sure if that's true, but that's not what it looked like. It looked like she just put herself in the position to judge Cody's ideas. Maybe he created an environment where no one felt comfortable offering ideas? I doubt it though.

Vincent says that he felt Cody's choreography was better, but Nick's group gave a better performance. Tina says she disagrees. She feels that Nick's group's choreography was better for her style. How d'ya like them apples, Vincent? He's so pissed right now. Nancy says that she felt like she was watching a Tina Landon video when she was watching Nick's group, whereas when she was watching Cody's group she felt that she was watching three dancers trying to show their strengths. This show is full of surprises -- I believe Nancy O'Meara just said something relevant and possibly correct. Vincent asks her whether she liked Cody's jump during his group's performance. She says it was good but she didn't care for it.

Tina says that Mochi took her notes best. Vincent says "good things come in small packages" and everyone manages to keep from vomiting. Tina tells Nick that his performance was excellent. Vincent thinks that Nick might be the dark horse. Nancy says that, out of everyone, she feels proudest of Nick. She thinks that his "burning desire" was really showing. Then she tells him not to "slack," which I find kind of annoying. Tina says that Miguel can be very excited and sometimes it's too much. Nancy tells him that she got the vibe that he was like, "I'm in this video." He says that was his goal.

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