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Tina tells Cody that from her vantage point far from the stage, he looked good, but if she had been close to the stage, it would have been too much. She thinks he needs to find a balance. Nancy wishes he had been more pedestrian -- less like a dancer on Broadway. Vincent says that Cody is beautifully buoyant, but this kind of dancing calls for a more grounded stance. Cody says that is very helpful. Tina says that Oscar is very smooth, but that comes off soft and not masculine. He nods -- he's heard all of this before. Tina tells Janelle that she was "cheesing" through her choreography, but was sexy in the group choreography. She wishes she had been sexy throughout and tells her that she needs to be aware of what she's feeling when she's dancing. Vincent thinks that she's immature. She starts to grimace and Nancy asks her what's wrong. She tears up and says, "I don't want to dance immature." Nancy says that Janelle knows how to "hit" but wasn't very sensual. Watching her was like watching a dance competition.

The dancers go upstage while the judges deliberate. Vincent says that he wishes Miguel could win the challenge because he knows how excited he was to work with Tina; but he thinks that excitement got the best of him. Tina agrees. She adds that Mochi shined through all of the choreography, not just her own group's. Vincent says that she pulled up out of nowhere and is getting stronger and stronger. Nancy says that she would feel comfortable with placing Nick on anyone's tour. Tina agrees. Nomi asks who should go home. Nancy, who will forever be on my shit list for this, says that Cody was good but she's all, "Meh." Wha? You can't send people home when you think they were good. Vincent sticks up for Cody and says that his work is clean and beautiful. Tina says that Oscar had a great work ethic and gave it his all. So I guess she wasn't offended by him throwing his umbrella. All's forgiven! Vincent says that it was interesting to bring Oscar back, but this isn't his style. Tina says that Janelle was a little too cheerleader for her.

Nomi asks the dancers to step forward. Mochi and Nick are the top two. Nomi says that they're having a hard time deciding. Nancy says that she chooses Nick. Vincent chooses Mochi. Nomi says it's up to Tina to choose the winner. Well, she said she liked Mochi the best, so here we go...Nick? Something tells me the production had something to do with that choice. Really, didn't she just say that Mochi stood out? Maybe I'm hearing it wrong. Nick is very happy. He says that this is a great opportunity for him. Mochi and Nick go to the wings.

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Step It Up & Dance




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