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Previously: The dancers worked with world class choreographer Tina Landon, performing her choreography from Rihanna's "Umbrella." Nick and Mochi were the final two for the win, with Nick finally winning a challenge. His prize was a chance to assist Tina on her next job. Not bad. So that leaves Janelle, Nick, Mochi, Cody, and Miguel in the finals. Nomi tells them that they're going home for a while. When they return, they will need to have created one-minute unique solos.

Nomi gives us a recap of what happened after the dancers left the loft. Apparently, they all went to New York and met up with the eliminated dancers to promote the show. They gave a performance of the "Thriller" choreography at the Tribeca Film Festival. In full makeup. It was the 25th anniversary of the video, so I guess that deserves a tribute, but...what a weird way to promote the show. It's like, "Oh look, a bunch of dancers that I can't recognize because they're wearing make-up." Really effective marketing. We see Mochi getting her makeup done and she says to the camera in an old lady voice, "This is what happens to you if you smoke." Point taken.

I guess that was all they did to promote the show. We're back in Los Angeles. Everybody is at the airport together and Mochi says, "Are you guys ready to hit it?" We see an interview with her where she says that the competitor in her has really come alive. That's what the game Celebrity does to me. I become an animal. She tells us that during her break she went right back to New York and rejoined the cast of The Lion King. There's a shot of her swinging on a lamppost outside of the theatre. That is hardcore. She was already exhausted, then she went right back to work? I'm sure finances and contractual obligations may have played a part in making that necessary, but I'm still impressed. Also, she tells us that a "new" development in her life is that she has a "beautiful boyfriend." Good for Mochi! OK, I need to let something out. During the past few challenges, something really odd has come over me. While I've admired several of the dancers since the beginning, now I feel emotionally attached to some of them. Mochi is probably the best example. She's always been good, but now I'm kind of obsessed with her. The editing on this show has really been a mixed bag, but they've hit their stride with the last few challenges. You're really getting an idea of how hard all of them are working (and that even goes for the dancers of which I'm not that fond -- wassup, Janelle!). Seeing them just leaving their guts on the stage for each challenge has made them pretty dear to me. Mochi the most, I think. We see her walking through Central Park with her new man, who is indeed pretty cute with his little hipster haircut. He says to the camera that he is in love with Mochi "whole-heartedly" and has been for 10 years! Either that's completely romantic or Mochi's dating her stalker. Mochi says, "10 years?!" Then, she gives a funny look to the camera like she's thinking, "Whatta joker." We see a quick shot of the two kissing.

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