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Toni tells Cody that his acting was weak ("like a dancer") but his technique was strong. Nancy calls him "Codester" and he's staring at the ground when she speaks. She calls him a snob again. Nomi -- no, ELIZABETH BERKLEY -- says that there is nothing snobby about Cody. Nancy is such a total bitch and responds with a really fake-sweet and brisk, "OK, that's your opinion and now I'll tell mine." Totally passive-aggressive. I hate her. ELIZABETH BERKLEY, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite people, continues saying that the generosity of spirit there is so far from the word snobby. I don't know if she's talking about the purpose of the show or Cody individually, but either way, she's awesome. It actually gets quite ugly. Nancy refuses to discuss her choice of words with ELIZABETH BERKLEY, who finally says, "I'm allowed to speak." That's freaking sad. Vincent buts in and tries to translate for the beast. He tells Cody that with his strength and precision, he can come off cold. Cody says that Nancy's comments can come off black and white, mostly black. He heard her note and didn't agree: His "dancer" acting was a choice. Toni's all, "Why?" Vincent says that they want to be a mirror for him so that he can see what they see. Oh really? Well that's not what happens when someone attacks you, Vincent. I know that sounds dramatic, but Nancy talks very aggressively. Why would you open yourself up to that? Cody says that this means a lot to him and he has put his heart and soul into it, even if it hasn't shown. He'd love another chance to show them that he can hit it.

The dancers head upstage while the judges deliberate. I'm seriously filled with hatred for Nancy right now. Nomi asks who should win the challenge. They all love Mochi. They love Nick too. He's soaking in their advice. Toni says that the most obvious mistake in the performance was Miguel falling out of his turns. They think Cody was boring. Nancy says that stupid cliché about how you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. I think it's quite a stretch to try to apply that to this situation.

They're done deliberating. Nomi says that it's been difficult for them. It doesn't do them any good, but there is a winner for the challenge. Nick and Mochi are called forward. Toni tells Mochi that she was flawless. Nancy calls Nick "Nicholas" again. She loved the whole package. Vincent declares Nick the winner. They are both through to the grand finale. Toni tells Cody that he fell into a typical dancer trap -- showing the audience what they should be feeling instead of experiencing something yourself. Vincent tells Janelle that he loves her energy, but her technique was lacking. Nancy tells Miguel that his technique is inconsistent. Cody is safe. He hugs Miguel and Janelle before he leaves the stage. Nomi says that no matter what happens, they're both amazing dancers. Miguel is safe. Janelle is going home on her birthday. She and Miguel share a big hug.

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Step It Up & Dance




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