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Mochi throws herself on a bed in a room with Cody and Nick and says that she's staying with the boys. Nick jokes that she'd better be careful because she might get more than she bargained for. Nick tells us that since he went home from the show, he has been shooting commercials. Plus, he got to assist Tina Landon when she choreographed a Rihanna performance. We see Nick in the studio with Tina and some dancers. She tells the dancers that Nick is her second set of eyes and ears. She asks Nick to get someone to tighten up a move and we see him working with a dancer. Nick tells us that he has been dancing since he was very young. Meanwhile, the most ridiculously adorable snapshots of little Nick in dance gear are shown. There's one of him posing in a sailor suit that is outstanding and probably insured that he got his ass handed to him daily throughout grammar school. Geez. No wonder this guy has issues about dancing like a man when he had to wear shit like this. There's a really nice photo of a grown Nick dancing with a top hat and cane. Nick tells us that he has lost the love that he had for dance when he was very young and did this show to try to regain that love. He thinks he "maybe found it back." OK, Nick has shaved his facial hair and a few pounds off of his body. Dude's looking good and like he's here to PLAY.

On the terrace, the dancers find chilled champagne (I wonder who's going to hit that first?) and a note. Mochi and Miguel read it together. "Welcome back. Meet us at the dance studio. Elizabeth and Jerry." Mochi screams the names -- she must be excited to see them. Janelle interviews that she's not sure what they will have to do, but she is excited about performing her solo.

At the studio, Nomi and Jerry greet the dancers. Nomi welcomes them back to the studio and tells them that this is the first part of the finale. Jerry tells them that this tough competition is about to get tougher. He's excited to see their solos, but there's going to be more to the finals than that. Nick interviews that he could see this coming. Jerry continues, telling the dancers that this week's guest choreographers have devised a challenge that will test the limits of the dancers. They're starting to look scared now. Nomi says very seriously that the guests are two of the most recognized faces in the dance world. And ... it's Nancy and Vincent. Laughs all around. Nancy is wearing a black jacket with a skeleton pattern on it. Janelle says that it's cool that she gets to work with her judges because they are, like, genius. Anybody care to reach out to Janelle and let her know the definition of "genius." No? Never mind. Cody says that he hasn't gotten the best vibe from Nancy and is a little worried about working with her.

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Step It Up & Dance




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