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Janelle is struggling. Her technique is not up to par for this stuff. There's a moment where Vincent instructs her on how to position her weight in a move. She responds, "OK." Nancy, in an effort to make her presence at this rehearsal relevant, tells Janelle that she shouldn't just say, "OK." She should think as well. Now, I'm the first one to think that there isn't much going on inside Janelle's head, but really, how does she know that Janelle wasn't thinking? Is there some sort of sign that you're supposed to give that signifies "Thinking has commenced"?

Miguel is having problems too. He interviews that his movement was fine but his technique was lacking. He's frustrated because he used to have a mastery of technique, but he's lost a lot of it. Mochi interviews that she is the oldest dancer there and the challenges have been getting to her physically, but that this is her time. Janelle says that Mochi, Nick, and Cody are all great technical dancers, but her inner fire is really amazing and somehow makes up for the fact that she can't dance.

After the rehearsal, Vincent asks Jerry if he has any comments. He tells Cody to let the story carry him through the movement. He thinks that Miguel is letting himself "go" too much, he needs to add some tension to his movement. He thanks Vincent and Nancy.

Nancy and Miguel have a pow-wow. He says that he is not the dancer that he was at 18 or 19. She says that's his fault. I don't know, maybe that's helpful. He says that he knows and he's trying to own his shortcomings. She tells him that she believes that he can do it, but he has to believe that he can do it too. He interviews that Nancy gets him.

That night, Miguel drinks champagne right from the bottle. He interviews that he's praying that he gets to show his "soul" in his solo. Miguel? Soul? Ha! He thinks that he could easily be eliminated in this challenge. Mochi interviews that she wishes she had an 18 year old body like Janelle, but she's going to kick ass.

The next morning, Cody is cooking bacon for breakfast. I thought dancers had to starve to look that good? This totally sucks. He asks Janelle if she'd like some bacon and she says she does. That's better. Also, it's Janelle's 19th birthday! On the terrace, Janelle says to Miguel that they're not going home because they've worked too hard for this. As we see Nick making his breakfast, he interviews that he wants to finish strong in the competition and he feels like he's come a long way.

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