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At the studio, Nancy greets them. She tells them that the vibe she got the day before is that they're holding back. She wants them to stay inside whatever story they're telling. She interviews that she's really hoping to make the dancers feel the piece. She has them do the piece individually. She calls "Nicholas" to go first. He looks good. He really has slimmed down a bit, not that he was tipping the scales before. She tells him that it's the most emotion she has seen from him so far, but she feels like he could take it further.

Mochi is next. I just noticed that she got this cool new asymmetrical haircut. It's really cute and hip. She performs the piece and it's really quite beautiful. She's so expressive and technically lovely. When she finishes, she covers her head with her t-shirt and starts crying. She apologizes to everyone and Nancy tells her not to apologize. She says letting go is how you get to know yourself and know what you're going to do. We see an interview with Mochi where she's teary. She says again that this is her time.

Cody is next. While he's dancing it, we hear an interview where he says that it's difficult to perform really technical choreography and emote at the same time, but he feels like he nailed it. I would say that it was pretty darn perfect technically, but I could see his mind working more than it was "feeling." Nancy tells him that his performance needs more guts. "It's just more about the story and not being a snob." Cody says that he doesn't think he's being a snob, but he understands what she's saying. He asks her for "another adjective" ("snob" is a noun, but whatever) and she crinkles up her nasty little face and says "cold." OK, here's the thing: I spent a century or two getting a performing arts education and Nancy O'Meara represents the most dangerous, damaging sort of instructor who seems to think that all performers are absolute slobbering idiots and their emotions and psyches need to be picked apart in order to make them operate properly. This guy has been dancing beautifully for years. He danced for Twyla Tharp, for God's sake. He hasn't been waiting for the moment when Nancy O'Meara of the Hllary Duff tour could break him down and build him back up into a new, improved Nancy O'Meara-approved dancing machine. That's what you do when you NAME CALL. You break people down. That's what she's trying to do. There's absolutely nothing constructive about calling people names. Then she has the nerve to tell him to not get defensive. Please explain to me what ELSE could happen when someone starts calling you names? To me, it appears that she has something against Cody or what he represents. It would be one thing if she just didn't care for his dancing, but she insists on be so outwardly nasty to him. Maybe she's tempering the adoration from the other judges with her meanness. I don't know, but I'm so completely over this Nancy bitch now. Cody interviews that it's fine if Nancy has a problem with his dancing, but calling him a snob is like calling him an asshole. Nancy says that if he can take her criticism and not be defensive, then she'll know that he can make it to the next level. Maybe she's playing the role of shitty choreographers that Cody might run into in his career and she's not actually an asshole herself? Unlikely. Cody says that he is not going to let her get to him.

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