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Previously: The dancers had to square off for a hip-hip street battle. It isn't until now that I realized how maddening the music is that they played last week and we heard 8 million times. Wow. We were prepped for what looks to be some sort of rivalry between Michael and Miguel based essentially on Miguel's sociopathic meanness. Janelle won immunity, and Jessica was eliminated for doing the effing worm in her battle. I hope she's ashamed of herself.

So, we're to a point in the competition where I think I'll be a little sad/surprised to see people go home. The remaining dancers, with the possible exception of Michael, all seem really talented and like they "get it." I say that Michael might be an exception, not because he hasn't looked good up to this point, but because I sort of always seem to be questioning whether or not he's going to be able to pull off the next challenge. But, what do I know? You only see like 8 seconds of dancing an episode anyway.

It's morning and Janelle and Miguel are sitting on the couch together in one of the lofts. Miguel offers her congratulations, which feels a touch canned. Like, wouldn't he have congratulated her after the performance instead of the next morning? Miguel says to her, "You're such a winner." Janelle reminds us in an interview that she's the only dancer to have won immunity twice. It makes her feel good. Miguel tells Janelle that as he was exfoliating in the shower that morning, he was praying for immunity. God is totally wearing earplugs these days when Miguel is praying. He interviews that immunity is like having a "get out of jail free" card. Yes, Miguel, thank you for explaining. In case you were wondering, regarding elimination, Miguel falls into the "I would be surprised" group. Not sad. In fact, he has the whole group to himself. If you weren't wondering, I hope you took the time during that last thought to ponder puppies or corn prices or something.

In the other loft, Oscar gravely says that he hopes that the next challenge is not hip-hop or break dancing. Then, he mimics with disdain some of the hip-hop stuff they did for the last challenge. Tovah agrees and says that she hopes the next challenge is something more technical. Nick says, "That's 20 years of ballet class down the drain. Thanks Mom!" Then, he gives a giggling Tovah a high-five. Nick says that they've been called to the main stage, but they don't know anything about the challenge. Per usual, they're all nervous and scared. I think Nick is a nice guy, really, I do. But, sweet Jesus, I hate that fucking facial hair of his SO MUCH. He's cute, right? He's ruining everything about his face with that crap. He's like a weird French leprechaun. Those don't exist for a good reason.

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