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Previously: The dancers performed a musical theater number, where Cody naturally shined. Brighter than usually, even. Michael started getting a little overwhelmed and, when he complained, he had his ass handed to him by Janelle and Miguel. Cody won his second challenge, and Oscar was sent home.

At the dancers' lofts, Miguel is getting ready in the morning. He interviews that it is a joke that Michael is still in the competition. There is just no arguing with that. How has Miguel -- with his overly-developed self-regard and nasty disposition -- become the voice of reason? I'll tell you how: Effed up judges. Nancy O'Meara may very well be ruining everything, polar ice caps included. I seriously don't trust their perceptions, or whether they're actually watching the performances at all.

Just in time to make us feel bad for hating him, Michael tells the story of how he got into dance. He used to "hang out" at a dance studio. Finally, the teacher told him that he might as well take classes since he'd been hanging out there for a year-- so he was given a scholarship of three classes. I'd say that's about as much training as Michael has had, but...does that story seem weird to anyone? There are holes. Like, what does "hang out" mean? Did he know anyone there? Did he want to be a dancer in the first place? I don't get this story. Anyway, after his three classes, he has never turned back. He has been hanging out at dance studios ever since.

At the breakfast table, Janelle says that it must be "weird" for Nick and Cody to be the only people in their loft. Why? Hasn't this production lasted like a week and a half at this point? Cut to Nick making breakfast, asking his departed roommates Nicole, James, Tovah, and Oscar if they've had breakfast. He interviews that his new strategy is to have people move in with him so they'll get kicked off the show. Of course there's Cody, who has immunity. Cody comes out and notices that Nick and he both have on red t-shirts. Should one of them change? Jesus, this is riveting stuff.

Miguel announces that he got a new message on his product-placed text device!! The dancers are told to bring their dance bags -- they're going shopping. At a mattress store. I'd be pissed. Jerry and Nomi waiting there to meet them. Janelle wonders in an interview what the fuck they could be doing at a mattress store. She looks absolutely demented sometimes. This being one of those times. She has crazy eyes.

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Step It Up & Dance




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