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Jacques says the he would like to see Mochi and Miguel perform first, so Jerry asks the other dancers to step outside the store. The green room is the sidewalk outside of Mattress Warehouse -- Bravo is so fancy! Mochi and Miguel seem really excited to work with each other. Jacques explains that they are playing a couple in love who are shopping for a mattress. It's a good thing the others are outside; they'll never guess this. Jacques explains that they'll want to test every mattress because "Honey, baby, you want to choose the right mattress for you!" This guy should not say "Honey, baby." He already has so many strikes against him at this point. He wants them to make everyday movements beautiful with dance and improvisation. They begin and hop from mattress to mattress talking to each other about how they're finding a mattress. Luckily, they remember they're on a dance show and not Whose Line Is It, Anyway? and most of their work becomes about the movement. They start shedding clothing as they go around the store and roll around together. It definitely gets better as they progress. Miguel interviews that improvisation is very important in dance, but he's not used to being sexual with a woman, so this is weird for him. Mochi pretends to take off her t-shirt. Miguel for-real takes off his pants. At the end, they say, "I think we've found the right one." Jerry tells them to get dressed completely (thank you!) and to not tell the other dancers what they did.

Janelle and Michael are next. Michael says that he was nervous for this challenge because it's completely out of his range. They begin their audition and he verifies his statement. Lots of weird, aimless bouncing around. They eventually warm up and start acting less like kids and more like lovers. Janelle interviews that so many of her challenges have been sexual already and now here she is, a slut on a mattress. "I can't get away from it!" Again, kind of demented there. At the end of the audition, Janelle says, "We'll take this one!"

Cody and Nick are next and they are told that they have to play lovers finding a mattress. [Electro-gong to denote scandal.] Two men? Dancers? This is absolutely naughty! In an interview, Cody says, "What?" Um, I thought Cody was gay, but whatever. Jacques' instructions seem to go on a little longer this time. Nick interviews that he was expecting Jacques to say he was kidding, but he didn't. It must be really shocking for him. What will his frat brothers say? They begin their audition and Nick seems a little half-hearted about it. It may be wrong to say that a straight dancer is gayer than your average gay guy, but it's empirical. Come on! Is Nick for real? Essentially, Cody follows him around during the audition asking Nick if something is wrong because he's not "in the mood." At one point, Nick is laying on his back on a mattress and Cody leaps on top of him to create a perfect 69. Nick says, "I gotta say, I'm not really a fan of that." Cody replies, "Me either," like he's talking about the mattress. It's kind of awesome. Afterwards, Cody interviews that he feels like he and Nick pulled it together.

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Step It Up & Dance




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