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Outside in the lobby of the theater, Miguel tells Janelle -- with Michael in the room -- that he wishes it was just a duet with the two of them. Their routine is like two dolphins and a pig. They have to put the pig in the water to make it look like a dolphin. That is the meanest simultaneously most amazing insult I've ever heard. I will never hate Miguel again. That shit was poetry. Miguel goes off, saying that he looks like a no-talent when he's dancing with idiots. At one point, Cody starts laughing, from embarrassment I'm guessing. Miguel says working with Michael is like dragging dead weight. Michael says "I'm still here," like he's Elaine Stritch or something and Miguel takes the bait and replies, "Yeah, question of the fucking year." Finally, Miguel storms out. Poor Michael interviews that Miguel is the sort of person that he can't get along with and he's not going to try anymore. I wonder what Miguel did when he heard about Michael's gay porn past. I bet it was good. Janelle says that they need to make their routine look as good as possible.

The next morning, Nick is nervous, because they don't know who the elimination team is. Miguel sucks it up and choreographs the rest of their routine. Apparently, they only got through about 30 seconds of the routine during their rehearsal. At the theater, Jerry and Jacques greet everyone. Jerry explains that everyone is up for immunity and everyone (except Cody, who is immune) is up for elimination. Then Jerry introduces Jeffrey Sebelia. No they did NOT! Kind readers, I've spent a lot of time with that man. Janelle and Miguel tell him that they love him. He designed costumes for them, because he's Bravo's indentured servant. He's so depressed to be there he looks like he could cry. The costumes are supposed to be modern and punk and...I guess they are. I really hate Jeffrey Sebelia and all that he touches, but these costumes aren't bad. They're not knocking out my false teeth or anything, but they're pretty good. Miguel gets to wear leggings and he couldn't be more excited. He says he has great legs, so leggings work for him. Michael says that he is not worried about being eliminated during this challenge because he has a lot of upper body strength and it will help him out. Ehhh...not so sure.

Miguel and team have an extra hour to work with Jacques. Miguel pulls out his plan. It's much better this time, but Janelle is still having a lot of problems with the atom. Jacques seems impressed though. Michael and Miguel have decided to put their feeling aside and get to work.

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Step It Up & Dance




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