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Nick's group enters for their rehearsal. Cody interviews that they need the most work on the atom. Mochi can't reach it. Jacques says that the audience doesn't care if something weird happens as long as the performer keeps going. Next thing you know, Mochi bangs the shit out of her knee on the atom. She seems as if she's hurt pretty bad. She says sagely that the knee is a part of the body that you don't want to mess around with. They carry her out for an x-ray, but they say she "might" be back in time for the callback. That's no good.

Jerry enters the dressing room and says that they're still waiting on Mochi. Cody says that he doesn't want to perform without her. Miguel interviews that Mochi's injury really invigorated him. He and his group start going over their choreography. That Miguel, his heart really bleeds for others.

With ten minutes before the callback performance, Mochi returns to the theater. Not so fast, kids. She has a huge bandage on her knee and she's walking gingerly. She apparently has a "contusion," otherwise known as a bruise. Exotic. She interviews that she was told she could dance as long as she didn't hurt herself. She dances with pain all the time, so she can do it now. Cody suggests changing some of the choreography to accommodate her injury. He explains in an interview that you can make those injuries worse if you aggravate them. She tells Cody she appreciates him looking out for her, but I almost hear a little anger in her voice? I don't know-- I might be totally wrong about that. I wonder if she's one of those people who hate to be babied. The kind who starts crying when you baby them.

Performance time. The dancers enter the stage. Nomi welcomes them and introduces Vincent Paterson, who calls them "glitterati" because they're all wearing shiny clothes. Nancy O'Meara is introduced, as is Jacques. Nomi reemphasizes that there is no elimination or winning group.

Cody's team goes first. The song is Gwen Stefani's "The Sweet Escape." Love this song. Love all things Stefani. Their routine is really good. Cody and Nick clearly do most of the heavy lifting, but Mochi is certainly not bad. Cody and Nick really go for it. Very athletic stuff they pull off, with Cody looking maybe just a little bit better than Nick.

Straight to the next group. They get started and it's the same song. Yay! Miguel looks awesome. Oddly, his acting is really good, which is something I hadn't felt about him at other times. He's pulling off the hide-and-seek narrative by himself and it's pretty impressive. Janelle looks better than she did during rehearsals and I imagine part of it has to do with the music. She doesn't flow though. Her movement is fragmented. I haven't even noticed Michael yet. Let's see...ohh, not that good. He's not really a part of the central action and when he is, he seems off. The routine ends with Janelle and Miguel in the atom and Michael on the ground.

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Step It Up & Dance




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